Its the time of the year again where we have to give a massively huge Thank You to all the wonderful , outstanding and diverse Artists that showcased at Jana’s Redroom.

It was a very interesting , overwhelming year with lots of new adventures , ideas and shows we won’t forget for a long time.

We accomplish a lot at the Gallery and we saw some of our standing and prolific artist moving up to the next level with their crafts. Some opened their own gallery’s in our home base The Artsfactory : Lisa Dittrich ( Random Alchemy ) and Anja Whitemyer ( A W Gallery). We had the pleasure to showcasing national artist from Miami, California and New York. Had award wining artist showing their sculptures and artworks in our house.

We are so very proud of every one who supported us, showed there outstanding artworks in the Gallery and all the lovely volunteers who worked so  hard and devoted their time to the showing artists.   THANK YOU

We wish you all a fantastic New Year 2018 and an amazing journey into the next level of creativity .

Thank you all for your support, love and commitment.

Jana Lynch and Anja Whitemyer

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