Art Cave is open!

Hey cool artist type people. I’ve got so many opportunities at the Art Cave for you to consider.

FIRST: I am Looking for one more art apprentice as I think Thursday is filled – I’m trading wall space for you to hang your art for a 1 to 6 pm every Friday time commitment by you thru Labor Day. Until this 25% of capacity lifts, I can’t allow more than one Art Apprentice in at a time. Message me for an interview today!

SECOND: I pay commissions on all services and or art sold plus commissions on “Hello From Ruidoso” products you will help me develop. Plus I will help you develop your art. You earn 70% to 80% on your personal art. Plus commissions on all other art or services sold by you on your shift. Message me for appointment today, so that i can explain to you all the details.

THIRD: For people who want to make personal art (art to take home) we will be open Thursday thru Monday 1 to 6 pm. I 100% guarantee your success. Price $5 to $30 – tons of cool things to make. This is not a hang out. All people in must buy and work on an art project. Exception is if you e come to look at art.

FOURTH: TO Art collectors or gift buyers … We make art at the Art Cave. Please consider art as a gift. Come see the work – Thursday thru Monday 1 to 6 pm. New stuff made weekly. We take all forms of money, we gift wrap and we ship all over the world. We also offer zero % layaway. You name your terms.

The fire chief comes Thursday so I CAN learn my REAL capacity THAT WAY, I can stay below 25% capacity. But I think I’m legal to now turn on the OPEN Sign on. SWEET!

WARNING: I will NOT BE in a mask. It’s a health issue for me. The Mayor says that if 80% of us wears one, we should be good. I’m sorry I won’t be wearing one at the Art Cave. I 100% recommend you wear one at the Cave. HOWEVER, I am WILL NOT BE a law enforcer, so this one is on you. Come here at your own risk and get Happy at the Art Cave!

Art improves the serotonin levels in you brain. Being trapped at home can be deadly for some. Get happy Thursday thru Monday 1 to 6 pm.

Also … No job, no money? … No worries … I need your help! You can help me make my art products. Message me today. I can’t not over come a “I can’t” attitude … but if you’re interested and willing … your ears and hands, plus my mouth … we making amazing sellable art … that you will earn $$ on!

This is me in Las Vegas NV … I’m here now … where is my tribe?! … let’s go go a go go!! ….

We are Building a “message of hope” garden for the world to come see. Get in at ground level. Ask any of my artists in Vegas. I’m the real deal! We go big!! … or die trying.

Most projects in this photo are $20 … I guarantee your success.
Glass $30 for two drinking glasses. Or one decanter or bottle.
No mask for me at the art cave. I have a skin disease that reacts horribly if I wear one. You wear one. I will not be enforcing a law not my job, mayor says wear one … it saves life. Come 100% at your own risk.

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