Fake sugar is killing us

It’s hard. But I did it.

I’m off artificial sweeteners and the 30 extra pounds I carry are dumping faster now.

Fake sweetners are 200 times sweeter than regular sugar and cause an Insulin reaction of great magnitude to deal with it, but yet finds no sugar.

??? Deadly given enough time. Absolutely.

This is why, we the people, are sicker then we were say 70 years ago. 50% of woman my age will get cancer. 75% of our daughters will get it. Hu?

Thank you processed food and fake sugar. Government not going to tell you this as there is too much money in sick people. And big lobbyist representing these overly processed products have the governments ear.

Dis-ease lives on sugar. We were sold a big old lie. Diabetic? Just go to fake sugar. Eat fake processed sugary breakfast cereals instead of bacon and eggs if you have high blood pressure or cholesterol issues … NO .. NO NO that’s not true.

We were lies too to sell a ton of crappy man-made product that are making us sick.

If you want to reverse disease … Eat more fat and more protein. Limit the carbs to only those that are God made … like fruits and veggies.

I now drink topo chico with real hand squeezed orange juice in it and or tea with a teaspoon of honey. Organic coffee with heavy cream and butter in it. I eat coconut oil right out of the jar. And the weight is dumping.

My boobs are no longer grainy and they’ve been that way my entire life. ?! Can you say … inflammation be gone ?!? Thank God.

Is REAL Natural Sugars as good as fake to me yet?


If you have belly fat, you are most likely insulin resistant. Cut the sugar and or diet sodas, all processed carb and fake sugar, belly fat will be leaving no matter your age.

At least that’s been my experience.

Me at 225 smoking and drinking diet sodas.

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