Rose and Buttercup made it to adulthood

The wild is WILD! And it kept me up much of the night last night.

I was so sad and could not sleep because these kits were a no show for second night in a row, which is rare for these two.

I read some good news … usually about this time of year, the mom would be dispersing her kits to different dens. That made me feel better. We did it guys!! We got them to adulthood as free wild animals.

They are all grown up. And they are big and health looking coons.

I have to remind myself that in the fall, these guys will slow down. We may not see them as often. But it’s a short wait to mating season now as that’s in February – March. If you pray please do so for these little girls.

In the wild we only get 1.8 to 3.1 years with them. My experience here, is its on the short end of that deal.

So I just want Flower’s lineage to keep going! If it does that will be the 4th generation. It’s just super special. Don’t you think?

Photo: Really Rose? You had to eat a really extremely cute chipmunk and bring it to my den?

But I’m proud girl, You hunt well!!

I’m picking up “Hello from Ruidoso” garden prints today shipping FREE to my proof readers, thank you ladies!! Also, I will order round two of t-shirts today and this will be the second order and I’ve not even received first order yet. We got a hit, I’m so Grateful thank you!! What’s your size … I’ll order you one today ? I got canvas prints available and giclees have been ordered.

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