The absurdity of thinking your safe.

I’ve had several people tell me that they think it’s hard to contract Covid from a grocery store. ???

Have we lost our minds?

You can not hid from this. You would have to go in a bubble, produce your own food and water and never come out.

Even if you ordered everything online … you are getting exposed.

Fear rules the day and justifying that you can’t get it at grocery stores, or other places where you most go, is just crazy thinking?!?

Poor employees are forced to were mask (BTW that’s not good for their health), but fuck them, because we wanna feel safe. This is just selfish and ridiculous thinking.

These people aren’t wearing masks in sterile environments. Watch how often they touch their dirty mask and then touch everything else around them.

This is goofy and fear rules the day.

I’m not picking on Amazon. As no one can stop this.

I’m just pointing out the absurdity of thinking you are safe. You are not. By the way, you never have been safe, that’s called life and it’s here today and gone in a blink and it always has been this way and your government can’t save you.

I wanna thank all the people, who kept moving, so the rest of us could shiver in fear at home.

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