The rain and snow came to help fire fighters.

Thank you for all your prayers! Things look better today for putting out a firefighters with slow rain and snow. Pray for more of that and no winds today and all who are fighting this best.


Im at your service community just tell me how, where or when – ArtCave available if more community space is needed. We are at the service for Ruidoso and surrounding areas.

I’m afraid more disaster testing is heading our way. 1000 acres uncontrolled fire raging up our mountain.

Evacuation Notices are in effect for Nogal Canyon, Bonito Canyon, and the Ski Apache Area. #ThreeRiversFire. Prayers for winds to calm for our hotshot and others who will fight this beast. Families could loss everything they got. Oh my it just hit me. Please pray for our forest friends. They have no where to hid.

The evacuations areas grow throughout the day. But then in the night we got rain. I pray it’s enough to support an easier firefighting effort to day.

My video got picked up in national news … that’s crazy. I’m so grateful for all the prayers and to wake to a slow rain and snow up top. Please let it be enough to help all who are battling this beast. —-

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