You are the cure

Look guys.

I’m going to say it one more time.

Kevin and I were elected for this day, this moment in time for a reason. For whatever reason, scary as it may be, loads of you have felt this before me so welcome me aboard I’ve finally arrived, so there is nothing new here … but to be on the wrong side of the majority and their persecutions ain’t easy. Hats off to all who face this everyday.

But in this, we have no doubt … We are to be a voice for those who are losing their personal rights.

I have never been a conspiracy theorist. And I love this country. But right now, there is a lose of thought and fear propaganda rules the day.

You are not being told the entire story. There is NO science when half the great minds on the subject were not allowed to speak.

If we do not stand up NOW … FOR ALL human’s RIGHTS for our individual freedom’s … you (the USA) will lose everything.

Kevin was only getting half his food order before he was fired. He was running his business 40 less workers than needed while the upper management played golf. If this continues you will have no grocery store.

This is not going to work out, unless we change our minds, get back to work and look up for solutions.

Anyway. Too my point. We are going to go on one more walkabout soon. While the over worked, (those who kept moving) take a break. But on our return kevin and I will be working for you. It’s a win win – we need the money and you amazing hard working business owners need the help. We are hard working people. I promise you that.

More to come!

God is in this thang, but only if you want him. If you want stop looking at evil people to fix it. Look up. And NEVER forget You are the cure …

2 thoughts on “You are the cure

    • Your right. Lol. My writing are the worst sometimes. My husband lost his job standing up for his employees rights to medical freedom is basically my point. And also we found a way to better health so it’s a long back story that only those who have been following me would understand at this point. So thank you for pointing this out

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