Sell my home Realtors

I’m missing Buttercup (deceased), Rose and Petunia and I’ve not even left here yet.

I made sure that they, and all nine of their kits combined will NEVER come back around here, because like most people, the future owner’s of my home, seriously might not want them around and could encamp them or kill them. I’ve seen it, I’ve heard what people say about them, about how bad and destructive they can be.

So I couldn’t stomach the thoughts of someone harming them, they were her biological material after all … our amazing Flower. Flower our first raccoon is where it all began, 4 years ago. So …

I will be write an ebook about her and the 4 generations worth of adventures she took me on.

Did you know Flower was an orphan? … but being resilient, she just picked a new family … unlikely as you might find this grouping to be … she picked a baby skunk, a feral kitty and me.

This story will be more about freedom than raccoons. As we’ve made a mistake in this land, slow but sure, it took years and years, but we turned in our freedom wings and replaced them with the heavy clanking chains of propaganda and fear motivated security.

I think our kids should know that there was, and is a better way. One that promotes individuality, creativity and ingenuity.

Anyway, like our fearless Flower, I’m resilient, so when the shit hits the fan, I’m good at standing up; at finding a new way. As I did for these raccoons on August 25 when I learned of our fate … it was quick and without emotion …

But tonight … I broke, I’m in a pile of emotions and I just had to have a big boo-boo cry … I miss my free friends, and with 9 kits strong ?! … the future of Flower’s lineage is looking spectacular. But my story will have to end here at …

“Hello From Ruidoso … the Flower story” (working title)

Om dear God … I miss them.

I’m So grateful I got Jay Lynch on my team, he’s extremely encouraging and understands the world of online marketing. He will be managing … the merch coming soon, and one day an ebook. Hit him up … he can do for you, what he’s doing for me.

Prints available soon at of baby Blossom titled “you’re creeping me out dude”

She’s one of Flower’s Kits – Flower had five but Blossom won my territory, and eventually my heart … because she let me sit on the porch with her. I loved her so much I even painted her right into our community PeaceGarden patio art. T-shirts available at Josie Powell’s Framery.

Then the following year, Blossom brought me babies … one of which was Rose … our little hunter.

Who remembers Rose?

She creeped us all out when she killed my chipmunk friend and left him in her water so she could play with him another day. Gross! But we forgave her, because after all, she lost her mother Blossom, before Blossom could teach her hunting 101: “Stop playing with your food!”

(TM Jana Painted Artist everything my little mind creates is mine. Powerful. Lol … thank you Jay)

So many great stories … I can’t wait to share them all …

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