I solve problems. Yeah, right!

Ok. This is my life now and It’s not going to resolve anytime soon.

I’m such a control freak, I solve problems, that’s what I do…so this is a super tough test for me, coupled with my new joint pain. These are crazy times, but feeling sad about the fact it’s over for me. This is my life now. Lol! We are nomad.

Anyway, if this doesn’t resolve by like April 15 – we must have a place by May 15 – I’ve got to look for more temporary living space for, say, three to six month’s worth of some kind of rental.

Ok, know me? For those that do…which would I enjoy more? An apartment with a pool? That’s a built-in community, and I bet moms and kids would paint around the pool with me. They have a garage I could rent to have one last, huge garage sale.

Or, should I rent a house with a garage and a yard for the dogs, and then rent a small co-op art space in historic downtown Bastrop?

Buying anything permanent is off the table right now as we still do not have a clue where Kevin’s final store will be.

FYI – HEB is the bomb! Crazy good how they favor the employees. Need a job? It’s the best health and life insurance we’ve ever had. They need you.

Last day in the pool and hot tub today. We move back to Harmony House on the river tonight.

Thank you, Best Western, for bailing us out for 5 days.

Lady at the Best Western hot tub.
Completed at BW on 3/15/22 and available for your personal collection.
I’m grateful I get to work on Monster High Doll House next. Way, way, way lighter subject than the bleeding Statue of Liberty.

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