Buggy Bastrop

What’s not to love?!

Every day it seems I get a bug bite that will itch for days, especially when I play on the river. An itchy bug bite on skin that’s been in the sun is especially interesting.

You be buggy Bastrop, but that’s a blessing for all our bug eating wildlife. You’ve got the most beautiful wildlife here!

But get this. A blue dragon fly, I guess that’s what it was, landed on my hand and ate a bug right there on my hand. I saw that bug go from living to dead in a considerable amount of time…it was a slow death. I had the privilege of seeing the entire event. (Sorry no photo as I was floating on the river)

Thank you my little blue friend for sharing that expeience with me. I didn’t know what you ate till now. I hope collectively you guys eat a ton of bugs.

A variable damselfly (Coenagrion pulchellum) feasting on a chironomid. Credit: Tuomas Kankaanpää

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