God brings me beautiful moments often

These moments for me are respites; they are breaks from a crazy, busy world. Sometimes I think I’m an animal whisperer.

This little horned toad just jumped into my lap
This wild raccoon I named Baby Rose just hanging out with me.
Deer watching me create. It makes my day.
Lady and Siisi Grace and a deer friend at the PaintedArtist Ruidoso.
A little bird just landed on me and I got like 10 minutes with this baby ’til she said, “farewell, time to get off to the business of being a bird.”

From birds that land on my hand and stay a bit, to deer that leisurely hang with me for a while, we are drawn together.

Today I was blessed by a visit from a gorgeous moth as I was heading into town to get the greatest BBQ I’ve ever put in my mouth. It was so good I dream about this stuff. I got it at Billy’s Pit BBQ here in Bastrop. Seriously, that’s just how good it is!

This beauty has an eight inch wing span with a furry body.

God brought me an extremely special gift today. We had a nice long visit, well, at least in moth time. I got to view this beauty up close and personal for about a minute, and then just like that, he was off.

Thank you Lord!

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