Sold! Choose well … this is on you.

To all of you who bought a piece of my fine art over the last 10 years: (I’ve been creating art for noncommercial purpose since 2010):

First I am on my knees with gratitude. I can’t even begin to express to you HOW great my appreciation. Thank you!! The words “thank you” are not enough.

You have no idea what this means to an artist like me, that you would reach into your pocket and pay your hard earned money for one of my creations. (Just say that takes my breath away)

But I might have some good news about the future of your art purchase (investment in me): I wanted you to know that even thou I’m still living, I believe the value of your art purchase has already gone up.

This has been growing over the last few years, but yesterday a painting sold, for way more money per square inch than ever before!! The gal who bought said this art, to her, is priceless. (Wow I cryed)

I’m still alive, but for all of us at some point, well, my art factory will be closed. Death will do us part.

So my hope is that good things for you financially will come from owning my art. Geez you deserve it.

You have brought me so much joy as I watch my work find a home. My work is not home decor. It’s concepts are deep, and it’s a hard sell at times.

SO at the very least, you invested in my art because you loved the piece. BUT best case, it’s worth tons to you one day.

This is my Daily pray for your art investment in me … I pray it pays off big time for you or your children one day.

THANK YOU! I Love you all so much … you made my life worth living.

(Buy original art, buy in your budget, buy art you love … but one day your investment could pay off … if you can bare to part with your art)

Blossom kits still with us

Blossom Kits here early tonight. Petunia eye is almost perfect. They here early I think because that Boolee with her really young kits came early yesterday and stayed a long time. Lol. They do not get near the temporary shelter. Boolee and kits know that Blossom’s kits own it. They are still so tiny … hoping they make to adulthood without mommy Blossom.

And just like that, while I’m typing this … they left. Go be wild but safe please.

Rose is the boss now that a mother Blossom is no longer with us
Petunia’s injured eye is almost well
Buttercup was Blossom’s favorite kit. She’ll have nothing to do with me.

Peace Garden Patio flooring design is complete

77 one foot squares will be used to complete patio floor. Which square will be yours where you will honor your loved ones?

This design is complete and will be painted onto the Peace Garden’s patio floor.

You can honor your loved ones on one of the 77 one foot square that will each have a piece of this design on them. It will kinda be like a giant puzzle that contains the names of our loved ones.

This painting is 9×12 and it will be for sale along with prints of it.

All proceeds will go to the construction of the Peace Garden patio floor, a water fall with rock seating and a fish tank where we can honor our loved ones on the community butterfly tree. All this will be produced by local artists.

Ruidoso Game Warden explains

Did you know. It is 100% legal to pick up a shed (deer or elk antler that the shed yearly)

But It’s 100% illegal to pick one up still attached to a skull. But it’s easy to get a YES and permit for it.

You just need to take photo of the scene and send it to game warden.

They want to confirm no disease or poaching was involved.

I love our game warden. If you need his number let me know.


Which square will be yours.

Almost done with 7×12 foot patio floor design. Top part still needs work. I bet by next week it’s done and I can take it into photoshop and add the grid and number the squares so that you guys can pick the square you would like to own that will be a permanent part of the Peace Garden where we honor your loved ones. I’m so grateful to Terry Geer, Terry Barnes Lynch abd Diane Butcher-Brown for kicking this off. They get first pick.

Which square will be yours?

Prints and T-shirt will also be available. More to come!

Patio floor for Peace Garden

Almost done with 7×12 foot patio floor design. Top part still needs work. I bet by next week it’s done and I can take it into photoshop and add the grid and number the squares so that you guys can pick the square you would like to own one that will be a permanent part of the Peace Garden where we honor your loved ones. More to come … tshirts and prints too. $100 plus tax for a 12 inch x 12 inch square. Let us honor your family!

It’s been awhile.

Ok I’ve been treating facebook like my blog post. That’s stops here. I like facebook I post my every move there it seems. But I will start copying the good stuff to here.

If you want to see what I’ve been up to this year check out my personal page. It’s publish —

Here’s the story today:

This is Work in progress. I have No idea how to price something like this. To me, it’s priceless.

Titled “The Fatal Wound”

Fox vs. baby Raccoon:
You lost a tooth, I lost my life

What a find on my daily hike with Melissa Norton Ciraulo near Smoky Bear Forest Station.

The first skull I ever tried to preserve and I didn’t lose the weapon?! (a tooth) It most have been embedded in there good because I didn’t handle this all that gently ether.

This was a baby raccoon too. 😞 I add a photo of one of Blossom’s baby raccoon so you can visualize the full story.

Can get happy! • The Art Cave

Create Art today! Now through Labor Day: Thursday through Sunday from 1 to 6 pm.

Photos are of a few samples of art you can make today. Only $5 to $30 and I guarantee your success.

Also come see and buy art made by local artists for our brand “Hello from Ruidoso”!

We make loads of Awesome art, plus we take all forms of money, offer zero % layaway, ship all over the world and we even gift wrap.

We offer both indoor and outdoor seating or we can prepare an art kit for you to take back to your cabin if you prefer. ALL kits include everything you need to complete a project of your choice. Allow 3 hours to complete your masterpiece.

Making art effects the serotonin levels in your brain. It brings on the HAPPY!

Come play today from 1 to 6 pm -Near Albertsons at 204 Porr Drive, Ruidoso NM

Tons of projects to choose only $20

Paint on glasses • Get two for $30

Photo by Jalynn West, of Jana Lynch, local artist and owner of the PaintedArtist. Be apart of our first community art installation. Paint a butterfly honoring your loved ones … only $5 and proceeds goes to help build our “Message of Hope” Garden. This is extremely special please come see and add your loved one to our “Honor Tree” in the Peace Garden.

End ——-