Time+sweat equity+passion = vision

Time+sweat equity+passion = Vision

So. I’ve figured something out about me.

For years I’ve kept myself from jumping down rabbit holes that consume my time, especially when it’s for someone else’s vision. BTW all artists once they find their way, must learn to cut away distractions.

All artists at the beginning of their career, should indeed jump down other artist’s rabbit holes to gain the experience. As they help a master with his work and learn everything he knows, it’s done in hope that one day they, too, will find their own way.

The video features the Disney Wish Cruise Ship, and the beauty of this ship confirmed all of this for me once again as I contemplate taking a ride on her. What a distractions she will be.

If I were to go on the #DisneyWish, I would befriend an 11 to 14 year old kid in hopes that I would be allowed into the immersive experiences that only children get to enjoy on this ship. I know I would be obsessed with all it has to offer, instead of my own interests, because it’s just that fabulous.

The Disney Wish will have to be a one and done thing for me, because it would be 100% about their vision and experiences. I would want to find the flow of their entertainment and do it all. And trust me: there is a flow. She’s just that aesthetically put together and fabulous.

The ships I travel on have “eye candy” experiences that just take minutes to enjoy, not entire days or entire vacations. But on the Disney Wish, as it’s all just too fabulous. Even the most sophisticated eye will miss most of her greatness. And, the truth be told, the majority of her grandeur will escape the casual viewer. Whereas, I would be in tears at every turn.

The color combinations alone are phenomenal; enough to make me cry. I would love to meet her designers in person one day.

I’ll have to cruise her someday as I know it would creatively juice me for years to come, and that alone would be reason enough for me to ride on her.

But then it will be back to my favorite smaller class ships that have an indoor pool so I’ll have my work space, no matter the weather enabling me to focus yet again on my own vision.

So see, it’s always been about me and my art, my content and my footage that GRATEFULLY has led me to new friends and potential art collectors.

How can I delight my viewers while entertaining myself in my own artwork? Is now my only focus.

As many of you know, I’ve spent a lifetime in service and support of the emerging artist, and I’ve learned so much from all of you.

And I will continue to do so, only this time around it will be with the emerging artists who are willing to go to work on my vision, because I have one. I’ve earned one. And it’s an important one. Together we will help grieving mankind by building a giant, hopeful, community-driven art installation for the world to see, and/or build for themselves in their community.

So this is the truth: If you see it or read it from me, simply put, it somehow always relates to my vision and my art.

I’m like a shark who has to keep swimming to stay alive. That’s how art feels for me now, I have no choice but to do it. And I thank God daily for my desire for it, as I love it so much.

Disney Wish for her sheer creative majesty, is now on my bucket list, second place only to Playa de Carmans’ Hotel Xcaret.

Why is Xcaret on the top of my list?

Check this out: https://youtu.be/lJIDBgZNRkE

First: her creators have taken my breath away in her design that works so perfectly with nature.

Second: classes of living beings, other than the Homo sapien class, interest me greatly.

Third: I hope I can afford it one day? Lol. It’s on my internal vision board. Yes, I have one. It goes everywhere with me, it keeps me on my path.

Therefore, #XcaretHotel is the place for me.

If your wondering how does any of this relate to my art ? Well, we will both know someday. But I assure you, I’ve been placed on this path for great purpose.

Now changing the subject to Bastrop, as many of my beneficiaries before you understand, that anyone who is interested in learning the business of art, are all welcome, as they assist me with my vision, in order to find their own way one day. Learn everything I know to add to what you know, as I’m an open book, and the knowledge I’ve gained over my 60 plus years should NEVER simply find its way to the grave.

Time, plus sweat equity, plus passion = vision.

So attention local Bastrop artists, perhaps even a little money can be had, as you learn and work to bring visual delight to this community because… “good news Y she be a coming.”

Now back to my art, and for tomorrow I’ll be at Lost Pines Art Center as I get to teach a painting class about watercolor and ink, and I cant wait to meet you all!

Shoe design inspired by my last trip on the Ruby Princess. Next up #RoyalCaribbean’s Radiance Of The Sea. She’s the perfect class of ship for me.

We got our tree.

ONE LONG YEAR IN THE MAKING, BUT WE GOT OURSELF A TREE BASTROP!! Not just a tree but an entire farm as our canvas!

More. To. COME!!

(Old Photos of me at Ruidoso’s community art installation) I can’t wait to take photos of our hopeful community art installation here in Bastrop Texas! The take-away: Never give up no matter how many times you are told “NO.” NEVER GIVE UP!

We got our tree Bastrop!

I encourage you to show some love to Eden East Farm – click link above and click like:

I want to share with you the wonderful message I received from East Eden Farm:


Pleasure to meet you yesterday.

My wife and I would be honored to host your, and the community’s, art piece for memory and celebration.

Let’s continue this conversation and get it started in 2023. The holidays will be busy for us, so January will be a good time to pay attention to this for us.

We are open to you using the tree that has the chandelier, or the tree in our circle drive – whichever you prefer. We can of course chat about that and anything else soon.

Thanks so much for all your work

David, Eden East Farm

(FYI we got the entire farm guys where the butterflies will fly and land where they may … as they make their way all the way to the back of the property where there will be a mural and the PeaceGarden – what a great day!)

More to come.

Click to View Hope Garden at Eden East Farm https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRqF7bC5/

David Fay

Love me some David Fay … he was the top jewel on her glorious crown over at Jana’s RedRoom back in her day.

I’m telling you now … Buy him while you can still afford him.

Get to know him now because this once little emerging artist is well, well, well on his way!

Dane Porter, an American Photographer

Dane Porter, an American Photographer snapped photos of me that I never knew about.

Dane and Jana 1988

Thank you Chuck Palmetto for these great memories.

They say beauty is wasted on the young. I never got what that meant till now.

I did not like myself enough to see just how cute I was back than. I see it now. Lol. I was an artist in the making.

That cig makes me wanna light up. Lol. But I won’t.

Me in 1988 – 26 years.

Dane became a believer in Jesus Christ because I was stupid enough to say I prayed we would win. Thank God, the Holy Spirit was able to pick up that silly comment and make Himself real to Dane, and on 09/1/88 Dane placed is faith in Christ for Salvation and he starting learning the Mind of Christ.

The day Dane believed in Christ was the day we won the mega buck 2nd to top price. $8338 in 1988 was a lot of money back then. It was just the right amount to convince Dane I was right about God.

I will deeply miss my friend.

Look at My Lil’ Plant

Interesting story:

I received My Lil’ Plant the year I started college. I’m Grateful that it was young and healthy and didn’t need self-centered me at all.

After college, My Lil’ Plant followed me back to Lubbock. I was still young and dumb, I hardly knew anything – I think I watered it once a year, if I remember correctly. And I never loved on it, I never thought about it at all, and I certainly did not understood its importance.

But by the Grace of God, it survived my immaturity, and so did I.

Back then My Lil’ Plant loved the Las Vegas climate and it flourished, and there I paid it a tiny bit more attention, but just barely.

Then, Bless its heart, it struggled to survive in Ruidoso NM … it’s too cold.

So by the time I got to Bastrop, Texas It was damn near dead. AND not once did I EVER consider the age of the old gal.

But finally for the first time, with my plant barely hanging on, I prayed for it. I desperately wanted it to survive.

Because now I understand after 42 year, just how important this plant has been.

It’s been with me through my complete darkness, through all my mistakes and losses and loneliness, and then now, it’s here by my side, even in my wildly successful marriage.

See God honors His Word wherever it is found … every time. It’s His Integrity stake, it’s His Love.

SO If you got nothin’ between your ears about Him because you’re not interested, you need to know at a minimum that His Word is Truth, it’s foundational, and based on His Word there is FREEDOM.

31 So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly My disciples; 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

You also need to know that this is a God-given choice, and whatever you choose, He will honor your decision and butt out of your life completely.

FYI: I’m NOT TALKING ABOUT RELIGION. God did NOT invent religion. PERIOD. Religion is man’s attempt to gain God’s favor by man’s efforts. As fallen mankind (Rom 3:23 ..for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God), we have nothing of sufficient value that can earn or gain His favor.

I’m talking about a personal relationship between you and God through Jesus Christ. (John 14:6 Jesus *said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father except through Me.)

I’m talking about living inside God’s Grace pipeline. It’s like living inside the eye of a hurricane, all is calm in there even though a storm is swirling all around you. BTW the storm is allowed by God as a part of the invisible war, the Angelic Conflict that’s ongoing, that we’re here to play a part in resolving.

So back to My ‘Lil Plant, how do you fall in love with something?

You learn their mind and you start understanding how important they are in your life. Your gratitude overflows for what’s been provided.

I ramble so …

SAY HELLO to my lil’ friend. Back from the dead.

1980 – 42 years ago, a neglected friend that I prayed with all my heart for the first time that I would survive, because just now I finally GET it.

See it turns out, I was born with a horrific skin disease.

This plant has been with me every step of the way as I was cured of a disease that doctors say there is no cure. And it was through prayer that I found the right doctors who treat disease with REAL food, and a little plant that God provided.

So you see, GOD sent me a helpmate, that He knew I would would not appreciate but would desperately need.

LOOK AT it go! Looks better than the day I got it 42 years ago. It LOVES Bastrop’s weather.

I pray DAILY that I will love it, as well, soon.

Eagle in egg tempera

“Is that Dinner?” my first egg tempera to start, and the second to complete, is ready for its forever home.

I’m offering a pre-online store deal on this painting as I need to cover my expenses related to my upcoming event in Ruidoso, and I pledge to give the Lincoln County food bank 25% of the net proceeds from the sale.

This beauty is 11″x14″ framed and ready to hang.

Here’s my special offer: I’m asking $400, and I’ll pay the sales tax and the cost of shipping it to you. Next week Jaybird Lynch Digital Marketing Works will put it up on my online store, Hello From Ruidoso for $900.00, so I encourage you get it now

Message me if you’re interested in owning this lovely work!

Let us for once not let Kevin Stepp, my sweet and generous husband, have to bare the cost of my zany lifestyle. Lol.

I look forward to seeing you. Love and peace to all.

(I hope you see the airplane that our eagle friend has spotted … is that what’s for dinner? Na)

Food palette painting completed.

My painting is complete. It’s egg tempera with pigments made from our community garden, and I framed it in a Bastop area tree branch.

This piece is to be hung on the wall.

It’s my first completed egg tempera painting. But what’s most interesting is that my friend Todd and I created the pigment from nature using a method inspired by Caroline McCoy’s restaurant FOOD NY 1970s and burnt cigar.

I have titled it ”On the invisible battlefield.”

it’s priced at $425, shipping included. This could be an important piece, but only buy it if you like it, and hope the best is ahead for me in my fine arts career. Lol.

I think it is.

Framed in a branch and hangs on the wall with one nail

My palette made with pigment we ground.

FOOD Palette

Go slay the day, people.

Nutrition, Hydration, Movement and most importantly, Soul Peace…

You get these things, right ?!? And that’s when the magic of the human experience begins.

You are on an invisible battlefield, whether you know it or not. I look around and fear the majority of us have layered down and forgotten how powerful these elements are.

Get up. Even though you’re been knocked down, get up. Then pull someone else up once you have your power back and then GO SLAY THE DAY!

Today I get to show my egg tempera to my teacher, William Clay. It’s what we will call from this day forward my “FOOD Palette.” The term was inspired by Carol Goodden (Caroline McCoy) owner of FOOD 1970 New York, with the help of my new talented friend Todd Jordan, who is creating pigments out of his garden and kitchen so I can experiment with their magic. In his own words, hear my teacher, William Clay describe his experience as a student of world-renowned artist Peter Hurd.

I recommend all my artist friends research the term FOOD NY 1970. The story is well documented and was the inspirational place to hang where the food was the art and most anyone could afford a hot meal, and have amazing creative interaction with the best, most talented artists at the time.


What do you get to do today and HOW can you do it in PEACE?

Mama Jana would love to hear!

On the invisible battlefield