Take a ride on the Grace Pipeline

Cool things happen on the Grace Pipeline.

God answers my questions. For a direct connection with Him I’ve learned that you gotta jump inside the Grace Pipeline because in there He will answer prayer.

Today while in there I asked a question. As a side note: I should tell you I’m floating on the river again. It’s mine now, the Colorado river.

I asked, “Are the big red winged dragon flies the males, or the smaller blue ones?” Now of course, I could’ve Googled it for an answer but I didn’t have my phone so I asked the question in prayer.

Then a brown dragon fly landed on me, a female. FYI I’VE NEVER noticed a brown one ever. They know they’re safe with me. I love them and I’m convinced I’m an animal whisperer.

So she landed. And then a male (a blue dragon fly) landed on top of her. Soon his legs are on my knee, and she’s about 3/4 his overall size. And FYI in case you’re wondering, her Vaa-Jay-Jay (my made-up word to maintain a PG rating here) is on her shoulder blades…I’m relating it to humans here, sorta.

I think I’ll paint this scene one day.

They stayed about five minutes. He didn’t move, but I’d say she obviously liked it. She kept rubbing her head.

Their eyes are huge, and I will exaggerate that in my painting.

Then they left, and then I cried.

I cried because I realized that God, who is in His Heaven with his incredible sense of humor, heard me immediately. And as a blessing he answered my silly-ass prayer.

Just ask me if you wanna learn how to ride the Grace Pipeline. It’s easy and I’m a pro now. Lol.

This photo I found online later. My pair stayed way straighter while sitting on me.

I’m a bit jelly of the male. Why is it the males in nature are most always so much prettier than the females? I’m so sorry boys, if the world told you guys that you are bad…It is a lie.

You do not have to be in church to be with God. But just like it is with anyone else, you have to learn His mind (His Word) to feel His presence so you can learn to enjoy Him.

About Christ.

Confused about Christ?

It’s simple, he was judged by God for all humanities wrong doings then later he died physically on the cross.

He was judged spiritually so that you would not be.

The human soul never dies. Ever.

You will die physically by not spiritually.

We are different than the other animals in this one matter. We live forever and that’s a long time.

We are here to solve a court case between God and his most high angel (no longer most high, but he was at this time in eternity past) his name Lucifer. And God loves him and wanted to be fair to him.

So Why did god even let this happen between him and his angels?

Because he didn’t want mindless creatures adoring him. He wanted them to choose to be with him or not. Just like us, (humanity) who came way later simply to solve this court case.

God knows you had no choice in being born So all you have to do now is choose where we going to spend eternity.

God does not care what religion you involved in infact enjoy your traditions. He doesn’t care if you have a religion. That’s not the point. He simply doesn’t care. He only cares “what do you think of Christ” (him) and he’s perfect and you are not so how he fix that? He judged Christ for every crappy wrong doing you have ever done or will do.

This is court case and God is going to win … he promises us that. So which lawyer’s table are you sitting at? The defense or the prosecution

Just simply, in your mind, say “I’m now believing that Christ was judged in my stead, he took my place so that I could spend eternity with God” and in that moment you are perfect again and the Holy Spirit will help me see the truth in all this.

This is why those who don’t believe, think us that do, be crazy …

It’s because none of us could understand this with out the guidance of the Holy Spirit. But it’s that tiny grain of faith by you that is picked up and seals you with God forever.

So anyway, there is nothing more you got to do. God did everything. And that’s Grace.

If I’m wrong we just end up in the grave somewhere. No big. But if I’m right that’s a biggie. Eternity a long time.

I hear if you choose not to believe since it won’t be a perfect environment with Lucifer (he’s not perfect like god) it will be a pretty irritating existence. That’s what I’ve learned, and the holt spirit brought that to my attention thru my studies into the mind of Christ.

FYI this is a God given choice.

No one else’s business but yours.

I probably should not even be making this post. As your believe or business it’s 100% none of my business.

Choose well because this is on you.

FREEDOM is the key. You are off the hook for all the shit storms you have caused in your life … Christ was judged in your stead.

Choose well and then enjoy your traditions or religion or job or play … whatever turns you on. Enjoy!

God gave all of this to you, but Lucifer is running the show here on earth for now, as apart of his court case. So life sucks sometimes. I simply didn’t want my forever to suck too.

I have no doubt in this great matter.

Love is easy guys, it’s God given and it simply means tolerance for EVERYONE to choose their very own path.

Have an awesome day off this Easter Sunday.

Love to all, no matter what team you’re on, and even if you simply think I be crazy.

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