Time+sweat equity+passion = vision

Time+sweat equity+passion = Vision

So. I’ve figured something out about me.

For years I’ve kept myself from jumping down rabbit holes that consume my time, especially when it’s for someone else’s vision. BTW all artists once they find their way, must learn to cut away distractions.

All artists at the beginning of their career, should indeed jump down other artist’s rabbit holes to gain the experience. As they help a master with his work and learn everything he knows, it’s done in hope that one day they, too, will find their own way.

The video features the Disney Wish Cruise Ship, and the beauty of this ship confirmed all of this for me once again as I contemplate taking a ride on her. What a distractions she will be.

If I were to go on the #DisneyWish, I would befriend an 11 to 14 year old kid in hopes that I would be allowed into the immersive experiences that only children get to enjoy on this ship. I know I would be obsessed with all it has to offer, instead of my own interests, because it’s just that fabulous.

The Disney Wish will have to be a one and done thing for me, because it would be 100% about their vision and experiences. I would want to find the flow of their entertainment and do it all. And trust me: there is a flow. She’s just that aesthetically put together and fabulous.

The ships I travel on have “eye candy” experiences that just take minutes to enjoy, not entire days or entire vacations. But on the Disney Wish, as it’s all just too fabulous. Even the most sophisticated eye will miss most of her greatness. And, the truth be told, the majority of her grandeur will escape the casual viewer. Whereas, I would be in tears at every turn.

The color combinations alone are phenomenal; enough to make me cry. I would love to meet her designers in person one day.

I’ll have to cruise her someday as I know it would creatively juice me for years to come, and that alone would be reason enough for me to ride on her.

But then it will be back to my favorite smaller class ships that have an indoor pool so I’ll have my work space, no matter the weather enabling me to focus yet again on my own vision.

So see, it’s always been about me and my art, my content and my footage that GRATEFULLY has led me to new friends and potential art collectors.

How can I delight my viewers while entertaining myself in my own artwork? Is now my only focus.

As many of you know, I’ve spent a lifetime in service and support of the emerging artist, and I’ve learned so much from all of you.

And I will continue to do so, only this time around it will be with the emerging artists who are willing to go to work on my vision, because I have one. I’ve earned one. And it’s an important one. Together we will help grieving mankind by building a giant, hopeful, community-driven art installation for the world to see, and/or build for themselves in their community.

So this is the truth: If you see it or read it from me, simply put, it somehow always relates to my vision and my art.

I’m like a shark who has to keep swimming to stay alive. That’s how art feels for me now, I have no choice but to do it. And I thank God daily for my desire for it, as I love it so much.

Disney Wish for her sheer creative majesty, is now on my bucket list, second place only to Playa de Carmans’ Hotel Xcaret.

Why is Xcaret on the top of my list?

Check this out: https://youtu.be/lJIDBgZNRkE

First: her creators have taken my breath away in her design that works so perfectly with nature.

Second: classes of living beings, other than the Homo sapien class, interest me greatly.

Third: I hope I can afford it one day? Lol. It’s on my internal vision board. Yes, I have one. It goes everywhere with me, it keeps me on my path.

Therefore, #XcaretHotel is the place for me.

If your wondering how does any of this relate to my art ? Well, we will both know someday. But I assure you, I’ve been placed on this path for great purpose.

Now changing the subject to Bastrop, as many of my beneficiaries before you understand, that anyone who is interested in learning the business of art, are all welcome, as they assist me with my vision, in order to find their own way one day. Learn everything I know to add to what you know, as I’m an open book, and the knowledge I’ve gained over my 60 plus years should NEVER simply find its way to the grave.

Time, plus sweat equity, plus passion = vision.

So attention local Bastrop artists, perhaps even a little money can be had, as you learn and work to bring visual delight to this community because… “good news Y she be a coming.”

Now back to my art, and for tomorrow I’ll be at Lost Pines Art Center as I get to teach a painting class about watercolor and ink, and I cant wait to meet you all!

Shoe design inspired by my last trip on the Ruby Princess. Next up #RoyalCaribbean’s Radiance Of The Sea. She’s the perfect class of ship for me.

Employee appreciation

New art I painted for Neighbor’s Kitchen and Yard
Brandy, the best bartender in town! Go meet her!

It’s Thank You day for the employees at Neighbor’s Kitchen and Yard who tolerated my ass over the last four weeks. It’s been so much fun painting here! I can teach anyone to do this, so whatcha’ say we start an interest list? Who would like to learn to express themselves through art?

I started teaching art a few years ago in Ruidoso, NM at Jana’s Art Cave, my working studio. It became a tourist attraction for visitors looking for entertainment aside from skiing, hunting, and fishing. It was so much fun for all ages to enjoy together. If you guys are interested, I would love to do it again in Bastrop. However, I’m going to need a location.

Originals will be available soon on my new website that’s being built. You’re welcome to watch the progress at JanasPaintedArtist.com.

I hand signed the front and added a special note to each employee who assisted me over the last 4 weeks.

My Artists…you won’t believe what we are trying to build for you!

Sarah and Cameron are two really neato kids. They will rise to the top like cream in a butter churn!

The food is so good. Here is a bread-less Italian sub. It’s not on the menu but Neighbor’s Kitchen and Yard aims to please!

I can teach anyone to paint what they see with a twist of fantasy. I’m collecting an interest list NOW, Bastrop Texas. I need a location, but that’s usually not a problem. If you’re looking for exact, take a photo…’cause this class ain’t for you.

Student work from a 4 week paint class full of drink and eats over at Lost Hiker Brewery, Ruidoso NM

A somewhat normal day in the life of an artist

My view as I contemplate my day.

I so wish I could just paint on the more light-hearted “A bedroom suite for my favorite Monster High doll,” she’s vintage now, and deserves a place to live in some lucky little girl’s bedroom.

But I must carry on in a dark, but not hopeless place. As so many of you have expressed interest in the piece. Nathanael Chavers gets first right to refuse her. Lol! After that it’s open game. Lol!

So I must complete it.

This part will be hard to paint. This piece that I’m calling “People desperately fleeing the USA,” is from a vision I had over seven years ago.

I feel perhaps it’s important, but ! I’ll let the world decide. For all this is “no longer viable,” but it’s a cautionary tale, if only we can stop looking for relief in all the wrong places.

Oh, some fun news today!

I can teach any of you to paint what you see with a twist of reality. If you want your art to look exactly like your scene, take a photo; this class ain’t for you. Lol. I’m looking for location to offer a class. Any ideas?

The prints of my Nieghbor’s painting are complete, thanks to the help of Bastrop Signs & Banners. Love those guys. Check ’em out local artists!

Anyway, the sun is out and I’m going to go for a run/dance and then deliver to the hard working staff these hand signed prints today. They’re now my new friends over at Neighbor’s.

I had so much fun with you all over the last month painting your scene.

Fun news: Bastrop Opera House, thank you for inviting me to help paint sets. Omg. What a blast!

Pretty good day ahead, all and all.


Good example of “teach a man to fish”

Well, I’ve brought these paintings out of storage to work on, along with Marta Swanner’s Boogie Board®. My goal for completion is March 8th, 2022. Cross your fingers…

I wanna thank my cousin Jay Lynch, all things online genius Guru, for teaching this goofy artist “how to fish online” to make money, instead of simply giving me a fish. He’s now helping me develop my website, blog, and online store, not leaving me alone to flounder…Ha! get it?

If we’re correct about the direction he’s taking us, to all my artists that I love with all my heart, we be onto something big for you guys.

All the while it’s just me, hanging at the “Zen River House,” the new name we’ve given our small space near the river in Bastrop for now. I’m a little nomad at heart.

Hey, Neighbor’s Kitchen and Yard, I had the art that I painted at your joint digitized at Bastrop Signs & Banners. Now I’ll be thinking about what we can do with it! Lol! I fell in love with the Manager, Matt Murphy, over their banners. Check ’em out local artist!

Jay Lynch is teaching this old dog new tricks. Here we go…NFT designs to the MetaVerse and Beyond!

First attempt at product development with GearBubble

This little prototype shot glass I designed is in extremely poor taste. Ha! Lol! I love it!

But it’s way too wordy for a tiny shot glass. Redo.

Good job Jay Lynch – they print nicely – color is fabulous and I’m extremely pleased with the quality. I just need to keep working on my designs.

Who needs one? Lol. You have to be really in a good place about death, or drink till you pass out (or experience an out of body experience…) Lol!

Ok. Time to paint Neighbor’s painting. Join me at the bar?

All you need is Love

I developed this product today. I ordered one to check it’s quality. Once I approve our online team managed by Jay Lynch, will offer it to you guys.

I’m Getting exciting up in here!

It’s the “All You Need Is Love, Love” candle. Inspired by the Beatles Love Show in Las Vegas. Created for a group show hosted by Lisa Dittrich – Arts Factory 2016 – What an honor it was to be in this show with great artists like Lisa and David Fay and others.

The original art is unavailable – it’s owned by Chelsea Brophy.

I can paint another original for you similar to this one … but this one is hers.

I retain reproduction rights on all my creations.

® Jana’s Painted Artist 2022

I’m Having an awesome day here at the Harmony House on the Colorado River in fabulous Bastrop, Texas

Love and peace to all.

Something just doesn’t add up.

Well, ok, good…I got that off my chest. Lol

Let’s create HOPE starting Tuesday.

Tomorrow I get my raft out of storage. Let’s paint while floating on that river.

This original is available for $140.

Titled “All we did was make billionaire demigods,” sadly this issue had nothing to do with your health 😞

You can own this original. I will mount and frame it, but I will reserve the right to reproduce it.

It’s 8.5×11 in marker and ink, painted on both sides of the vellum. Neon and metallic markers too. That doesn’t show up well in this photo

® Jana’s Painted Artist

I’m quite aware that my view is very unpopular. Is yours?

Tiny living.

Tiny living = Tiny footprints. Not that I believe I can help God manage this globe, but it’s going to be fun to learn to live a simpler lifestyle.

Trust me, if God calls you to be on the road, you soon learn that lugging all your shit in tow is not fun.

I feel another huge garage sale coming on, so get ready Bastrop because I got good stuff!

We simply wanted to see if we would like to build or buy a tiny home one day.

I would have a large art space attached to it, but nothing else would be large – other than the great outdoors. I want a bit of land. When living tiny you want some outdoor spaces too.

We think we want something screened-in with a hot tub and above ground pool inside it one day.

Anyway – So far the answer is 100% yes – we love tiny living. But it’s only day 2.

We will see after I move over the computers, a tiny amount of my art supplies, and Kevin’s work clothes.

But um yeah. I’m digging it!

I would think you really need to do it with peeps who are all extremely accommodating. I can see that is so, and thankfully, Kevin and I have that.

So yeah. Tiny living.

Stay connected here – Let’s learn about this together.