Eye to Eye

Be sure to go see my show over at Lost Pines Art Center – Bastrop TX.

I got to be featured artist for months of September and October. What an honor!

I created 9 super realistic animal eyes – with my animated self portraits in each eye.

I’m happy to paint me out and paint you in. Please Go see.

It’s egg tempera and I get to speak on this, a nearly lost medium on Saturday Oct 7 at 6 pm – in fact I’m doing a demo.

Hope to see you there.

Alligator with me motioning to come no closer.

We’re going to South Padre Island on February 27,2023. Will anyone join me? 

I’m going to sip something with coconut in it while sitting in the ocean, painting and jewelIng leather iPhone watch bands and ducks. 

I’ll even paint butterflies for your loved ones as I’m ready to paint on anything other than the eyeballs for the solo show, which will be hung at the Bastrop Public Library. This is a huge undertaking for me; I bet it will take over 250 hours to complete. How exciting! 

Speaking of butterflies: Come see me and view the art called HOPE that I made. It’s the first piece of art for our community art installation called Message of Hope. 

I’ll be speaking at #LostPinesArtCenter because the city, through the Bastrop Cultural Arts Commission, gave me some money to help cover the costs of preparing the canvas for the butterflies that we’ll make to honor our loved ones. All those butterflies need a beautiful place to live. Thank you #EdenEastFarm, I’m so grateful to all involved!

So, join me February 16, 2023 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m at the Lost Pines Art Center. There will be free food and drinks. 

You’ll enjoy loads of great art and booths to tour, and I promise I will not bloviate. Luck you, I’m only allowed 5 minutes to speak amidst this great line up of cool stuff to see and taste!  

There will be a sign-up sheet at my table where you can request a one-of-a-kind painted butterfly as a tribute to your loved one. The butterfly will live in our art installation at Eden East Farm, and a majority of proceeds from the sale of the painted butterflies will benefit the Bastrop County Emergency Food Pantry

Come play!

FOOD Palette

Go slay the day, people.

Nutrition, Hydration, Movement and most importantly, Soul Peace…

You get these things, right ?!? And that’s when the magic of the human experience begins.

You are on an invisible battlefield, whether you know it or not. I look around and fear the majority of us have layered down and forgotten how powerful these elements are.

Get up. Even though you’re been knocked down, get up. Then pull someone else up once you have your power back and then GO SLAY THE DAY!

Today I get to show my egg tempera to my teacher, William Clay. It’s what we will call from this day forward my “FOOD Palette.” The term was inspired by Carol Goodden (Caroline McCoy) owner of FOOD 1970 New York, with the help of my new talented friend Todd Jordan, who is creating pigments out of his garden and kitchen so I can experiment with their magic. In his own words, hear my teacher, William Clay describe his experience as a student of world-renowned artist Peter Hurd.

I recommend all my artist friends research the term FOOD NY 1970. The story is well documented and was the inspirational place to hang where the food was the art and most anyone could afford a hot meal, and have amazing creative interaction with the best, most talented artists at the time.


What do you get to do today and HOW can you do it in PEACE?

Mama Jana would love to hear!

On the invisible battlefield