New home for the PeaceGarden

For immediate release 10/8/21:

Message of Hope patio is moving to Wingfield Park Memorial Garden

The PeaceGarden where we honor our loved ones by painting butterflies will be relocated from the ArtCave to Wingfield Park Memorial Garden.

Parks and Rec will continue the tradition of allowing people to paint wooden butterflies honoring their loved ones and these butterflies will live in the trees above the PeaceGarden patio at Wingfield.

Artist Jana Lynch is looking for retailers who would like to offer the matching merchandise.

Retailer’s on Suddeth should consider carrying these products due to the popularity and exposer of this Patio to our visitors from all over the world.

Can you imagine when there are 1000s of butterflies in the trees at Wingfield?

Well We think people will want to take home the matching merchandise where they honored their loved ones.

Some of the proceeds will go to the Lincoln County Food Bank.

Message her here if you are a retailer and are interested in learning more.

Relocation will be complete by Nov 1.

More to come.

Special Merchandise can designed and customized exclusively for just your store.


Jana Lynch, owner of
Art Cave & Message of Hope Garden

Patio to be moved to Wingfield Park Memorial Garden.
People can paint butterflies honoring their loved ones and they will be installed in to the trees at Wingfield Park Garden memorial. . The ones installed at the ArtCave now, will be revarnished and relocated as well.
Butterflies scheduled to be revarnished and move to Wingfield Park by Nov 1.
Retailers can offer hand-enhanced canvas prints.
Hand signed prints
Prints $15 retail
Hand embellished Cosmetic bags
Short sleeved t-shirts with cute cleaning instructions hand signed by Jana

Merchandise can be customized for your store. Exclusively your.