Jana Lynch is returning to Ruidoso!

Hey, Ruidoso friends, let’s make butterflies again to honor our loved ones and benefit the Lincoln County Food Bank!

Me at The Peace Garden Tree located at Wingfield Park

As the creator of the “Hello From Ruidoso” Peace Garden, I’m delighted to announce that I’m coming back to paint butterflies with you to honor once again those whom we love. In the Fall of 2021 this community collaboration art installation was relocated to Wingfield Park where it remains to be enjoyed by everyone.

Since my husband Kevin and I left the Village, many locals and visitors have continued to honor their loved ones by painting and installing butterflies, just as so many of us have done in the past. So we’re coming back for one fun-filled weekend to celebrate our loved ones while raising money and awareness of the needs that are being requested of and met by the Lincoln County Food Bank.

Let’s kick this off Thursday, August 11 from 6:00pm – 9:00pm with a Meet-and-Greet Happy Hour at Casa Blanca Restaurant and Bar, 501 Mechem Dr, Rudoso, (575) 257-2495.

Then, on Friday, August 12 from 4:00pm – 8:00pm, everyone’s invited to meet me and my wonderful artist friends at a “Location To Be Announced” where you and any local artists can paint butterflies in honor or memory of your loved ones, too. Remember, pet’s are loved ones, so we can honor them as well, right?

A finally, we’ll enjoy time together on Saturday, August 13, from 9:00am – 1:00pm at the art installation located at Wingfield Park, for even more painting and the placement of your butterflies into the Peace Garden Tree.

This is a place of honor. It’s a commemoration of the passage for your loved ones as well as a way to show the love you have for them. It is such a magnificent way to remember them.

Do you want to honor a loved one by purchasing a butterfly to paint so it can live in this garden? A donation of $15 per butterfly will benefit greatly the Lincoln County Food Bank. Did you know we still have pavers available to display your family name? The cost is $100 each and Jana will paint your message right on the patio floor. And remember, we’re doing this to raise awareness to benefit the Lincoln County Food Bank, and to honor our loved ones on this first of its kind, always changing, community Art Installation.

Find matching merchandise at the retail shops on Sudderth Drive, HelloFromRuidoso.com, or at the event in August.

Contact Jana directly at JanaLynchArt@gmail.com if you have questions, or you would like to help me with this event. Or if you’d like to ask me to paint a butterfly for you before the event so it will be ready to be installed on Saturday the 13th at Wingfield. The cost is $30 for a custom design to match your loved one’s interests, and that price includes jewels and glitter!

Read more about this art installation at: https://paintedartist.com/2022/02/a-bit-about-jana/

Created by Jana Lynch this Community Collaboration Art Installation was moved to Wingfield Park on Oct 21, 2021 and is now waiting for your Butterfly to find a place to rest.
Make a butterfly that will be a part of the Peace Garden community art installation. This tree is where we honor our loved ones.

Honor your loved ones in the patio art located at Wingfield Park. Contact Jana today to reserve your spot. ($100 must be reserved by August 1st)

Don’t give in to fear or all will be lost

Guys. Read please.

Installing paver art.
Enjoy her my sweet, Village of Ruidoso I hope 10000 butterflies will be seen in her trees soon!
Jana inventor of the Butterfly tree 2018 where we honor our loved ones.

I’m seeing a lot of fear conversion out here over my paver art being left in a public space … un-secure where someone could harm her.

If you learn one thing from me … please let it be this.

There is no such thing as security. PERIOD. I’m sorry we’re being taught and believe otherwise.

There is not enough money or man power in the world, to truly secure or keep anything safe … let alone my little piece of bleep PEACE art that you guys graciously granted me permission to display publicly. She doesn’t belong behind bars, does she?

She is a gift. Freely given by all involved.

She represents freedom. The butterflies will fly away. The art will not last forever.

Please don’t give into fear that something might happen to her. I beg you. Just enjoy her while she lasts.

Please just pray that she remains safe. PERIOD. And let it go.

If someone is set on destroying her … well, then. God has other plans. perhaps a very important lesson needs to be taught. Or maybe the next emerging artist needs to paint on it next.

God sees the entire battlefield. Let him handle the big things.

SO PLEASE … just pray she stays safe than it’s God’s business the only true security you got.

Look up instead of looking anywhere else … And remember … nothing lasts forever other than your soul and even it is FREE to chooses where it’s forever will be spent.

Sign that will be with PeaceGarden art installation
While installing the art into Wingfield Park the Ruidoso Wild ponies came by to say “Hey”
Just let go. Every time I think about securing something the “well … but then you will have to do this oh and add insurance oh how much insurance and oh I know let’s just hide it” weeee all that creeps in … it never ends. Ok my soapbox rant is over but This painting is Available. lol

A giant of a man … Kevin Stepp

I am so grateful I get the opportunity to work with my husband Kevin.

I knew he was exceptional, but until you get to work with him?! Well … he takes my breath away. He treats every business as if he owns it. There is no job there, that is beneath him. He just goes to work.

He’s a spiritual giant, so he has no problem serving people with great humility and respect.

What was Albertson’s thinking? … sad deal, fear rules the day … but No matter … we’ve passed the test. And we are beyond Grateful.

What an honor and a privilege it is to serve with him. It’s like God has just opened up tons more opportunities for us, so that we can continue TOGETHER to build HOPE … because simply put, it’s time.

I’m so grateful to my village for wanting the PeaceGarden in a public space. Thank you.

I can’t wait to see where we light next.

I want to thank Chon Caswell, Shal Holly and all the gang for welcoming us to the Casa Blanca Restaurant family. We love you all. We love your customers who now feel like our friends. It feels like family. We are SO grateful that you stopped our financial bleed out. Thank you!

Excited for our future. Hummm it may be we are to be in multiple towns … just hitting thier season and helping small businesses survive. Interesting and an extremely fun thought?!?

You need a job? … let me restate that … The job needs you … even if you have only one day to give. It’s yours … It’s time guys … it’s war now, we got to push back and help save small businesses … Go help I beg you. The money is great. I don’t know about you but I wanna eat out, go to bars, hear live music and shop local … it will be a thang of the past if you don’t go help.

I’m excited to serve you over at Casa. Join me at your table … Tuesday and Wednesday lunch. Thursday and friday dinner. Then the Paintedartist Artcave & Garden will be open Saturday and Sunday 1 to 4 pm … Until we get our marching orders.

Love and peace to all.

My husband and our two little girls. IGs named Sissi and Lady Grace.
The PeaceGarden, where we honor our loved ones schedule to move to a public space – Wingfield Park Garden Ruidoso NM.
Butterflies will be moved also. Where I hope the tradition will continue. We paint butterflies honoring our loved ones.
Matching merchandise like this cosmetic bag, is scheduled to be in local Ruidoso NM Businesses on Suddeth.
Hand-enhance giclees
Prints and greeting cards – more to come.

Message me if you are interested in being a retailer for HelloFromRuidoso.com merchandise.

Butterfly tree where we honor of loved ones.

Be my friend on facebook – message me if you see me here and friend me – I have a gift fir you … family honors mother in the Peace Garden

Special day. They painted butterflies and became apart of an art installation. Read more.