Kevin was fired

Kevin Stepp was fired from Albertson’s. No medical or other exemptions of any kind are allowed for not wearing masks or getting the shot, at least not for managers. I pretty sure it’s all employees.

They did not fire him for that, so they claimed, but THAT IS exactly why they fired him. (They claimed he was mean to a vender 3 years ago … here’s what’s funny. That vender and him are best of friends now – so silly)

Some will be pleased about this decision, but most will not be.

AS most know, KEVIN IS AMAZING. Kevin has never even been written up. He is brilliant and a hard worker. Grocery man since age 15 and he has been so good to the village. If you do what you say and say what you mean you’ll have no issues with him. In fact you love him. If not … well he’s tuff on you. Lol.

Fear is gripping these companies – I wouldn’t be surprised if they loss everything because of it … God will not honor a business – a government – a boss who leads through FEAR … Who cowards down to FEAR … PERIOD.

There are those that can’t wear the mask or take the shot. Are you guys too afraid to accept this?

What you going to do with us? Throw us in an isolation camp?

EVIL selfish thoughtless stuff.

Freedom Over fear is God’s plan!!

But we the people forgot that. We forgot to look up instead looked to an evil government to save our dumb asses. And so we stand, a good chance, of losing everything.

Ok. That being said. We are fabulous. Gods got us.

We are SO excited to see what God has next.

We will let you know in the next few weeks.

All is well. Truly.

If you pray — just pray God’s will be done, not ours.

Albertson’s is just trying to keep their door open and fear rules the day. Try not to be too hard on um or any business. Strange days.

We pray God continues to bless our great village.

We pray if it be God’s will, he allows us to continue to build HOPE right here.

We are going for a walk about the world now.

Catch you in a few weeks. We will keep you up to date on what we are thinking.

Anyone have a job for us … No mask or shot required?

Paintedartist Artcave & Garden IS the happiest place on earth and it is closed waiting God’s direction. No radio shows will be recorded. I can’t help out at Casa Blanca. I won’t be making art or building HOPE until we know where we are to be.

See you soon.

Love and peace to you all.

2 thoughts on “Kevin was fired

  1. The problem is that the corporations are in lock-step with the Federal Government. If Dr. Fouchi says wear a mask, we all wear masks. If Dr. Fauchi says get a shot, then all corporation will dictate to get the shot. This is Biden’s America now, and the corporations and the governments in the blue states are following along. Don’t have a shot? Don’t wear a mask? You are cancelled. Elections have consequences, and like I said this is Biden’s America. The “80 million” voters surely must be happy with him now that the evil mean Trump is back in Florida, right? So those 80 million voters will have to obey Biden or be cancelled!

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