Hello From Ruidoso super soft T-shirts available soon

This T-shirt is happening. The response has been huge $32 includes tax and shipping add $2 for XL OR XXL – it will print on extra soft black T-shirt. $25 includes tax is local ruidoso price add $2 for xl or xxl

Pull over extra soft black hoodie shirt is $63 including shipping and tax – local Ruidoso $53 includes tax. (Steve Matlack)

Long sleeve extra soft black T-shirt $39 including shipping and tax or local Ruidoso $32 includes tax. (Dawn Durham Hatley)

I’m collecting interest list. In message say size and if you want it printed on something other than T-shirt include that in message. (If you already told me size I got you!)

Proceeds after costs going to the construction of the Peace Garden which will include this painting in giant size painted on patio, a waterfall, a fish pool and rock benches.

Let me know if you want to memorialize your loved ones in this art on the patio floor. 12 inch square – $100 plus tax zoom in on gridded art to select your square.

T-shirt design
Choose your paver to honor a loved one permanently in the Peace Garden.

Fake sugar is killing us

It’s hard. But I did it.

I’m off artificial sweeteners and the 30 extra pounds I carry are dumping faster now.

Fake sweetners are 200 times sweeter than regular sugar and cause an Insulin reaction of great magnitude to deal with it, but yet finds no sugar.

??? Deadly given enough time. Absolutely.

This is why, we the people, are sicker then we were say 70 years ago. 50% of woman my age will get cancer. 75% of our daughters will get it. Hu?

Thank you processed food and fake sugar. Government not going to tell you this as there is too much money in sick people. And big lobbyist representing these overly processed products have the governments ear.

Dis-ease lives on sugar. We were sold a big old lie. Diabetic? Just go to fake sugar. Eat fake processed sugary breakfast cereals instead of bacon and eggs if you have high blood pressure or cholesterol issues … NO .. NO NO that’s not true.

We were lies too to sell a ton of crappy man-made product that are making us sick.

If you want to reverse disease … Eat more fat and more protein. Limit the carbs to only those that are God made … like fruits and veggies.

I now drink topo chico with real hand squeezed orange juice in it and or tea with a teaspoon of honey. Organic coffee with heavy cream and butter in it. I eat coconut oil right out of the jar. And the weight is dumping.

My boobs are no longer grainy and they’ve been that way my entire life. ?! Can you say … inflammation be gone ?!? Thank God.

Is REAL Natural Sugars as good as fake to me yet?


If you have belly fat, you are most likely insulin resistant. Cut the sugar and or diet sodas, all processed carb and fake sugar, belly fat will be leaving no matter your age.

At least that’s been my experience.

Me at 225 smoking and drinking diet sodas.

Peace Garden on the build!

I mailed out the first group of free keepsake prints to those of you sweet enough to sponser the Peace Garden by honoring your loved ones on a paver for the patio floor.

Guys I just saw the design for the waterfall by Jay Thomas, American arthor.

It’s a environment design, that is going to appear to be floating in thin air As if it’s heaven right here in earth, complete with vegetation cascading down to the fish pond and rock chairs.

BUT we need more funds for this community art installation.

Who’s name or business may I honor for you permanently in this patio design?

Jana Lynch honoring your loved ones in the Peace Garden

Zoom in and message me the number of your paver concrete square. $100 plus tax.

This is where the butterfly tree lives our very first community art installation.

Freedom vs Security

Titled “Just let go” who did I paint this for?

It’s 12x24x2 mix media on canvas. It’s $576 or best offer. If it’s yours don’t be shy make me an offer. Lol.

Footage of me painting this LIVE available here in facebook. Proceeds go to help build the “Peace Garden” where we honor our loved ones. Prints available soon. $20 includes tax and shipping.


Choose freedom

Andy Bill memorialized in the Peace Garden.

Let me know if you would like to be a permanent part of the Peace Garden. $100 plus tax – one foot square. Only 77 total square pavers to build the patio. Patio will include a waterfall, rock seats and a fish pond and of course our loved ones Butterfly tree.

I got to make a very special paver, for little Andy Bill today. Paver Number 6.

Thank you Paulette Seigle Binion! It’s a super special square. As I was painting, I prayed I’d find a feather, I stepped back to go clean my brush and as I was walking to the sink, I looked up and a feather was floating by, I ran outside and followed it until it landed. It will be apart of this paver.

It means so much to me, that you guys are letting memorialize your loved ones like this.

Zoom in on 12×7 patio design to choose your paver. I’ll send you a Free print of this art, with your square and words included in my pen, as a thank you gift for sponsoring our community Peace Garden.

Zoom in. Which square is yours?
Photo By Jalynn West

It’s simple … we just forgot to look up.

Covid sucks. BUT who can name some good things that happened during this time?

For me:

  1. Im truly focused, and now have no doubt that I am to build a “message of hope” I’ll continue to pray others come along who agree and wanna help build this, and my brand “Hello from Ruidoso” but it matters not, as I’m laser focused on making this art, even if I must go it alone. It just must be done, as we need a lot mo HOPE going on up in here.
  2. I’m doing something different with my health. I’m excited!!

Because something became crystal clear to me during this Covid, and that is, no one but you, will ever care about your health. (I appreciate the help I get from trainers, my doctors etc) not talking about those fine individuals.

I’m talking big picture, There is absolute NO MONEY to be made when people are healthy.

No one mentions this in the news, I don’t care what side the fence you on, not one word was said about how to clean up your health terrain.

They can’t tell you, because lobbyists representing billion dollar companies have got our country by the balls, despite the fact that these products are making us sick.

50% of women my age will get cancer. Hu? Children with diabetes. Hu? Depression is huge now because you were told fat is bad to sell overly processed food. Hu? Your brain is fat! Now we all get to look forward to mental illness and dementia.

Well, I’m not going to play in their sandbox any more, they messed with our food and sold us a lie, to sell food that isn’t really food. It’s slowly and over time making us sick, and that’s where they can make a ton of money off us.

I’m buying more locally grown and raised food! Im eating REAL food. I would like to learn to grow my own. It’s on the list.

  1. Oh – this is good. My interest on my mortgage has going way down. I’ll be able to dump the PMI and pay off my home in 15 years instead of 30 for almost the same monthly amount. That’s Huge! It’s like finding a hundred grand (savings in interest)
  2. My spiritual life is on fire.

I know the plan and it’s been interesting watching it unfold. This sick was allowed AND could have totally be turn around as big time blessings, but for the most part we looked everywhere else but up, for answers. It was simple, we were support look up. But no one hardly believes that anymore. The truth is, a Government can’t save our dump asses … that was a test that we failed as The majority of us played the blame and hate game.

Aren’t we tired yet?
This since day one has been out of our hands. Security is a lie, sold to us by a big evil government that we built.

Freedom for ALL and the right for ALL to pursue happiness is God’s plan. No matter what bullshit human spin we try to sling on to that.

Anyway I’m choosing to look up.

Not looking for debate on what I learned, these are my turths – thankfully you are still free to choose yours … what are somethings you learned this year?

Las Vegas Artists Guild, “Best in Show” winner – what an honor and a privilege it was to be apart of this great art community … painted with fabric puffy paint, my painting titled “fun fun fun, in the sun sun sun”

Listen to raccoons talking to each other!

Oh wow listen to them talking to each other!

I’ve never heard that till now.

BTW That’s a parrot toy that Rose is tearing up. BUT can you hear them talking? Wow!

So earlier, here’s what happened, See Boolie and her 4 kits came around and left watery foot prints laying around, oh and those kits even had the nerve to get on top of Rose’s favorite cushion. It belonged to her grandma Flower after all. So, bad on Boolee’s rug rats for doing that. Oops.

Then later here comes our three motherless kits …

Hummm, I think they are talking about that. Listen.

Languages sibling coons. Super sweet capture.

Studying 3 generations of the same Raccoon family

So did you know that I’ve been studying the same family of raccoons now for 3 generations ?

And I’ve observed something … that all momma raccoons dote over one kit, more than all her others.

Why is that you think?

There’s always one kit that the mother makes stay right by her side at all times. In this case it was Buttercup. Blossom pulled on, hugged on, hovered over and even has a special call, a call that makes that one kit, in this cause, Buttercup, come running if it gets too far from her side.

Do they do this in hopes of protecting their lineage?

Because Buttercup hisses, is very skittish, runs and hides and is not as curious as her siblings. She also looks mean at me, like she doesn’t know me … very shy too.

I’m now starting to suspect that Boolie (the mother coon with the 4 kits, who comes around like twice a week) might have been Flower’s favorite kit. And that would make Blossom (who’s dead) and Boolee Sisters.

Boolee looks mean at me like she doesn’t know me just like Buttercup but yet she’s familiar with the patio … Boolee was Flower’s favorite kit? I think it’s possible.

Video of Blossom’s remaining kits still with us … safe another night. Petunia (the one that almost lost an eye) is huge and is now the boss, she comes over a full 15 minutes earlier every night before the other two, and she won’t let Rose come anywhere near me now. (Rose is the one who would hang out on my knee) Rose is the runt and has the sweetest face. And she’s curious about everything but now Petunia punishes her. Maybe Petunia is trying to take a mother roll over Rose to protect her?

Rose and Petunia don’t interact to much with Buttercup, probably because mother would not let the others get to close to her.

I love animals and they trust me. So special.

Rose on my knee
That’s Boolie, with her favorite kit. I’m starting to suspect that Boolie is Blossom’s sister and that she was Her mother Flower’s favorite.
I wonder how long it will take Petunia to tear up a camera ?
Petunia, Rose and Buttercup