4 pillars of health

You are not getting the truth of the matter.

Listen in to Micha my PA over at Dr. Ben Edwards’ Veritas Medical and learn about the 4 pillar of health.

Learn how “you are the cure and food is your medicine”

Listen to last 15 minutes about The virus.

Going on In the morning – Friday 8 am on 1490AM the mountain.

I will drop a link to the show here tomorrow after it airs.

Learn more here about Veritas medical then be sure to run in in the morning. —- https://veritas-market.com

Listen in on how to protect yourself from C —- https://www.1490krui.com/episodes/hello-from-ruidoso-september-3-2021

My own blood is killing disease

My blood is like a disease seeking missile today.

2.8 (see chart)

Your blood can cure disease if you fuel your body correctly.

This is my two year anniversary when I joined Veritas when I started trying to cure my diseases with food. Thank you staff over their, you are saints the lot of you!

It took a lot of blood tests daily to see which foods spiked my blood sugar. (Too much sugar is the cause of disease) And If you born with it, sugar ignites your disease big time.

It took two years to eliminate all those addictions out of my systems.

It all had to go in my case and I was only insulin resistant.

Doctors call that shit boarderline? What a joke, as truly you are seriously sick, you’re just A-symptomatic for the moment, so you don’t know it. (So “Here’s your pill, I see you next year when we move on to insulin” so says most doctors) Then they got your money for life. There is no money for anyone if you’re healthy – so here’s your pill. Let’s keep this going.

No thank you.

For me at my age it all had to go. Cigarettes (2013) then Booze, then diet soda (makes your brain die slowly), sugar – both fake and real, no processed carbs, no bread, no pasta nothing white really. I get only a squeeze of fruit a few times a week and a tiny salad daily. I eat 75% healthy fat. Fat is the only thing you eat that does not spike your sugar. 5% carbs (my salad mostly uses that) and 20% protein. (I eat and drink it all on vacations except soda, fake sugar and smoking i can and will not ever do those things EVER again they are killers – to be honest the allurer of sugar and booze is starting to fab also. Maybe one day I can go on vacation and not want to eat any of it. Right now I still wanna put my face in it. No fork needed.

Hard to do? Oh hell yes. But being sick is way harder.

I am so close to not being insulin resistant. I’m off all pills. My body is almost heeled. Including LBB heart damage which doctors say is impossible to fix. It’s impossible for them to fix … but not for your body if it’s fueled properly. Did you know, that you get a brand new skin every month? Eat right for a few years and watch what happens. Bye bye sun skin damage.

Maybe I will loses weight again soon like a kid?

Can’t wait to see as I’m still 30.1% body fat and it’s mostly all hanging around my vitaul organs. That’s really bad. Atleast I’m finally in my proper weight range just barely.

Me now and my beautiful BFF. Who, listens to me non-stop about this as I’m now so into it.

What a journey it’s been … I’m so grateful I found it.

You’re the cure … food is your medicine ~ YouTube Dr. Ben Edwards. Veritas medical lubbock. He trashed his booming MD practice so that he could help people actually get well. Catch him and all his exceptional PAs who study cell structure – both in form and function.

The only reason I share this is, I’m here to help if your interested.

(Photo of me I gained a ton of weight 2014 after quiting smoking, insulin resistant since I was 30, and then I turned on a horrible skin disease losing weight on low fat – high carbs which is what most doctors are selling – fat is bad. (NO, THATS A LIE)