Something just doesn’t add up.

Well, ok, good…I got that off my chest. Lol

Let’s create HOPE starting Tuesday.

Tomorrow I get my raft out of storage. Let’s paint while floating on that river.

This original is available for $140.

Titled “All we did was make billionaire demigods,” sadly this issue had nothing to do with your health 😞

You can own this original. I will mount and frame it, but I will reserve the right to reproduce it.

It’s 8.5×11 in marker and ink, painted on both sides of the vellum. Neon and metallic markers too. That doesn’t show up well in this photo

® Jana’s Painted Artist

I’m quite aware that my view is very unpopular. Is yours?

4 pillars of health

You are not getting the truth of the matter.

Listen in to Micha my PA over at Dr. Ben Edwards’ Veritas Medical and learn about the 4 pillar of health.

Learn how “you are the cure and food is your medicine”

Listen to last 15 minutes about The virus.

Going on In the morning – Friday 8 am on 1490AM the mountain.

I will drop a link to the show here tomorrow after it airs.

Learn more here about Veritas medical then be sure to run in in the morning. —-

Listen in on how to protect yourself from C —-