Her Wedding day

I get to go to a wedding in a few weeks of the first human I ever saw come out of the womb.

If you’ve never seen it. Set an intention to do so and see if you’re blessed enough to find someone who will grant this day to you.

Well, I had such friends … that one in a billion couple, who granted me this day, not just once but twice … Rebecca Lovett Dykes and husband Donald Elwood Dykes. Thank you.

My first, Ariel Dykes … I got the call that you were coming. I jumped on the plane. You waited me to arrive, I looked into you mama’s eyes and said “Beck, I could not do this, but you can”, and so she did and you were born.

Your umbilical cord was the colors of a pearl, you, I swear, can see the world inside it, and inside there runs the ocean with all the aqua colors of the universe running thur it – as the ocean turns to red blood … you know this child YOU, just entered an evil world, but you are here with great purpose, as we all are, and that is, to solve the angelic conflict … and your road will be full of rocks that test you daily. I’m happy to report, this, that YOU pass these tests, and applies solutions that propels you towards the light.

You are breathtaking.

And I saw God breath life into you, your first breath of air, and you, the most beautiful girl I ever saw, screamed out your first breath right into my face.

I cryed all the way home. Everyone on the plane ✈️ had to stand down … because they KNEW without a doubt, that this was my moment because I had seen a miracle. God decided her moment of arrival, and he and only he will decide her moment of departure. (Not your doctor, nor your government not you but God)

I can’t wait for Oct 23, 2022 – Ariel picked a good one to spend her live with. – Jaron Robertson … May YOU ALWAYS consider her first in every decision you makes. That is your charge a direct order from God. You got this!

So to the couple, Slow everything down now. You didn’t it! You are prepared. You have arrived to your special day. Take tons of mental photos.

And please try not to look my way on your day … as I’ll be the one in the back, having an emotional private moment.

I was happy … she seemed pleased.
The bridal shower with Kevin, Ariel snd myself
The wedding gift an Acrylic painting titled “the bride and groom”

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