This will be the last year that the ArtCave is not on the official map if we qualify to be apart of Art Loop. More to come BUT We are finally ready to participate!

We will be open Friday thru Sunday – July 2 thru 4 at 10 to 5 pm. To show support for Art Loop. MAKE OR BUY ART

Buy local art …

MAKE ART by honoring a loved on a butterfly. Be apart of a community art installation – $10

Paint a butterfly.
Zoom in and pick your paver number. Message me on facebook at Jana.Lynch – we will get your loved one included into patio.
Buy a paver for your family. We will add your message to the patio floor in the PeaceGarden $100

Make art!

Choose for all kinds of cool projects $20

Kids under 5 are only $10 per project for Art Loop

PaintedArtist – ArtCave and interactive Garden – 204 Porr Drive – Ruidoso

Join us there during Art Loop

Honor a loved one by painting a butterfly for them in our community art installation. $10 you make $20 Jana will make for you. Includes jewels and glitter.

We got our own radio show here is the promo —- Hello From Ruidoso

Ordinary People who do extraordinary things.

Will you tell me about your life? If so I’m interested. Message me at FB Jana.lynch

Steve Jasper

I am so excited to announce that I have SEVEN of Steve Jasper‘s original pastel drawings and oil paintings hanging here at Jana’s RedRoom. You have to come check these beauties out!! Jana’s RedRoom is open Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 11-5,
Friday and Saturday: 4-9 and Sunday and Monday: Appointment only

So get down here … these are a must see!

Steve Jasper’s Artist Statement:

Exploring rhythm and color through figurative art has always been a passion of mine. I see color as substance; it is its own entity. You can see it surrounding form, in the atmosphere, even in the shadows…especially in the shadows.

I studied illustration at Brandes Art Institute and California Art Institute. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

My career soon turned to computer art and animation.  My years of working as a 3D animator have greatly contributed to my understanding of light and movement. In a 3D environment the artist sets up his whole world, he places every light and camera, chooses all the colors and textures and even depth of field. Bringing this knowledge into my paintings has contributed to my unique style.

My primary mediums are oil and pastel. I begin a painting with a live model; usually a dancer or other performer. I prefer using pastel for shorter studies where I’m freer to experiment with gesture and color. For larger and more complex paintings I tend to use oil paint on canvas.  As always gesture, color and light create beauty and tell my story.