It was 10 years ago today …

Good times! Look at us, just hanging out on a wall and on a waiting list to get a location for our first Jana’s RedRoom local emerging artist gallery that Kevin would open for me and my friends:

That was 10 years ago today.

I was waiting to get a space for Jana’s RedRoom gallery. It would be a place where I would show all my artist friends’ work. My friends were from the Fine Art schools I was attending at both University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) and College of Southern Nevada (CSN).

My husband bought us a wall in the Art Factory Las Vegas for one month. Then on June 7 (my birthday, BTW…just say’n) I was told I had been selected for my first space. Over time we grew to become the biggest first floor space (1200 square feet) in The Arts Factory at the time.

Thanks for sharing this memory, Bobby J Wysocki, you’re one of the most talented artist in all of Las Vegas. I’m with you. I miss those days.

First attempt at product development with GearBubble

This little prototype shot glass I designed is in extremely poor taste. Ha! Lol! I love it!

But it’s way too wordy for a tiny shot glass. Redo.

Good job Jay Lynch – they print nicely – color is fabulous and I’m extremely pleased with the quality. I just need to keep working on my designs.

Who needs one? Lol. You have to be really in a good place about death, or drink till you pass out (or experience an out of body experience…) Lol!

Ok. Time to paint Neighbor’s painting. Join me at the bar?

Under The Sea!

Jana’s RedRoom held its first ever event this past Sunday! Sweet miss Zoe turned 4 and had a fabulous Under the Sea party! Eddie and Nicolle did a beautiful job of making the RedRoom a magical under the sea wonderland. Thank you so much to all of the artists that contributed sea art for the party and for making Zoe’s day that much more special! The Bloody Mary bar, mermaid cake, delicious horderves, real life mermaid, bubbles, decorations and happy kids made for a great first here at the RedRoom! Zoe’s parents really know how to throw a SPECTACULAR birthday party!

It is a privilege to open up the gallery for events and get to extend this room to the community. Event pricing starts as low as $300, call for booking and prices!

Everything’s better down where it’s wetter!

–Ariel Dykes, RedRoom Intern

Huge changes in the mix for Jana’s RedRoom!

At the RedRoom we feel truly privileged to be moving into the world famous Trifecta Gallery on February 1st. We are moving there, fully aware, that no one could ever replace Marty Walsh and the amazing experiences she gave us all for over 10 year here in the Arts Factory. She will be forever missed in the 18b Las Vegas Arts Distract.

Future plans for Jana’s RedRoom will be revealed to our 200+ artists on February 8th at 6 p.m. and then to the public soon there after. We will reveal our 5-point business plans for RedRoom Grand, plus talk about our amazing RedRoom gallery, which is staying with it’s original business motto, but is doubling in size, exclusively for our many beloved local artists.

The NEW Happiest Place on Earth will be under major construction in the month of February and is expected to open Preview Thursday, March 5th 2015 at 4 p.m.  Stay tuned guys … a ton of exciting stuff is on the way!

jana's redroom trifecta gallery

Jana’s RedRoom
Trifecta Gallery

Susanne Forestieri … In the house!

I kid you not … My eyes tear up when they gaze upon Susanne Forestieri’s oil paintings! This is the work of someone who has spent a lifetime mastering their craft. These are masterpieces and I can not believe I get the honor to show them here at Jana’s RedRoom! What an absolute pleasure it is to present “Cirque Back Stage 1 and 2 … Oil on Canvas … By Susanne Forestieri … Come and get um Cirque du soleil fans!



The Body Painter … By JANA

I love me some Sooner Zerrien!! I wanted her to have this painting … She was my muse. The “Body Painter” is painted in oils with a knife … Inspired by Alexander P. Huerta as he painted Sooner’s body one night on the B+B patio at the world famous Arts Factory in18b Arts District in Las Vegas Nevada.

Sooner Zerrien owner of The Body Painter by Jana Lynch

Sooner Zerrien owner of The Body Painter by Jana Lynch

Introducing “Transportal”

Ok, ok … I know “Transportal” is not a real word … but when I paint my dreams … I think I’m aloud to make up a word that best describes my painting. The world depicted is this oil painting is of a dream I had … A dream I had, I think, in part, because my niece Ashley is pregnant … And that is just amazing to me. Her egg was chosen and it is about to be “Transported” in to my world! How cool is that??


The Bernard Foss Collection

Introducing The Bernard Foss Collection. A small selection of Bernard Foss sculptural pieces … these babies are exclusive and specially priced just right for Jana’s RedRoom. Starting at only $160 … ?? Are you kidding me ?? … I had to buy one to put into my personal collection … that’s just how fabulous they are!

His work can be seen NOW at Steve Wynn’s Encore Hotel Located on the Strip here in Las Vegas NV. I encourage you to go see them … but be expecting to pay in the “thousands of dollars” price range for an original Bernard Foss Painting!

So come and get them, my extraordinary art collector friends … you WILL NOT find a better deal than this.

Voyager and Roped Devil - polymer plaster by Bernard Foss

Voyager and Roped Devil – Sculptural work by Bernard Foss

Sky Lobby Wall Hanging by Bernard Foss - Polymer Plaster.

Sky Lobby – wall art by Bernard Foss – (only partially show here)