Mosaic Class At Jana’s RedRoom was a blast!

Lisa Fields Clark taught an amazing class last night here at Jana’s RedRoom. Ten local artists all learned to make these beautiful mosaic pieces … WOW what a blast! These all-inclusive classes include drinks, snacks and all supplies so that when class is complete we each left with a beautiful piece of work.

It is my secret hope that some of these works come back for retail sells here at Jana’s RedRoom – I am certain that our fans will LOVE them!

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Ten local artists attend Lisa Fields Clark Mosaic class - Fun was had by all - plus we all learned a new skill including gold Leaf application"

Ten local artists attend Lisa Fields Clark Mosaic class – Fun was had by all – plus we all learned a new skill including gold leaf application”

Student work by Carrie Bourdeau

Student work by Carrie Bourdeau

By Student, Karen Waiksnis DiSorbo

By Student, Karen Waiksnis DiSorbo

Student Work by Jana Lynch, Owner of Jana's RedRoom

Student Work by Jana Lynch, Owner of Jana’s RedRoom


Student work by Annie Wildbear

Student work by Annie Wildbear



Huge changes in the mix for Jana’s RedRoom!

At the RedRoom we feel truly privileged to be moving into the world famous Trifecta Gallery on February 1st. We are moving there, fully aware, that no one could ever replace Marty Walsh and the amazing experiences she gave us all for over 10 year here in the Arts Factory. She will be forever missed in the 18b Las Vegas Arts Distract.

Future plans for Jana’s RedRoom will be revealed to our 200+ artists on February 8th at 6 p.m. and then to the public soon there after. We will reveal our 5-point business plans for RedRoom Grand, plus talk about our amazing RedRoom gallery, which is staying with it’s original business motto, but is doubling in size, exclusively for our many beloved local artists.

The NEW Happiest Place on Earth will be under major construction in the month of February and is expected to open Preview Thursday, March 5th 2015 at 4 p.m.  Stay tuned guys … a ton of exciting stuff is on the way!

jana's redroom trifecta gallery

Jana’s RedRoom
Trifecta Gallery

Wow what an outstanding year we had!

I love it here at Jana’s RedRoom.  Local artists are calling it “The New Happiest Place on Earth”. WOW! … what a complement!

It has been my pleasure to serve over 200 local artists. This year we add the Gallery Girls and Guys program (Read more here … … I could not have managed this year without the help of these amazingly gifted people, who also love to be in service to the local artist.

I wanna thank the local community for buying original hand-made art as gifts this year; instead of grabbing a mass produced object at Wal-Mart etc.

I wanna thank my friends on our northern boarder, O Canada mostly but also from across the pond in the United Kingdom, Australia, and even Germany, to name a few … you guys LOVE Jana’s RedRoom and tell all your friends about us! You read about us in your local publications, which blows my mind. Bottom line is simply this … THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I am so blessed to know you!

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It’s Our One Year Anniversary!

Cheers! February 6th is Preview Thursday and it’s our one year anniversary! … How cool is that?!? And FYI … We have only just begun!

Jana’s RedRoom is showing the art of more local artists then ever before. Come out and celebrate the success of our artists!

Party going strong by 6 p.m. so come meet the beloved artists of Jana’s RedRoom.

All Credit Cards Accepted. We Ship Worldwide. We Offer FREE Gift Bags and RED tissue with every purchase.

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