I can custom this art with your image in them instead of mine:

Please go see my solo show at Bastrop Public Library.

These painting are in egg tempura and photos do not do this luscious medium justice.

June and July – it’s show title is “Eye to Eye” and it’s a self portrait show.

If you buy an original I’ll be more than happy to take me out and put you in for an additional fee. Fee depends on if it’s a silhouette of you or full color caricature of you and that depends on which painting you buy.

If you can’t afford an original we can print to canvas and I can paint on top on there as well.

Anyway. Just go see the show. Please.

It took me 25 hours to complete each painting.

Near most art of Egg tempera by Jana Lynch -4 months to complete.
Close up of eagle art above.
Close up of bee art above.
Close up of nautilus art above.
Close up of alligator art above.

FOOD Palette

Go slay the day, people.

Nutrition, Hydration, Movement and most importantly, Soul Peace…

You get these things, right ?!? And that’s when the magic of the human experience begins.

You are on an invisible battlefield, whether you know it or not. I look around and fear the majority of us have layered down and forgotten how powerful these elements are.

Get up. Even though you’re been knocked down, get up. Then pull someone else up once you have your power back and then GO SLAY THE DAY!

Today I get to show my egg tempera to my teacher, William Clay. It’s what we will call from this day forward my “FOOD Palette.” The term was inspired by Carol Goodden (Caroline McCoy) owner of FOOD 1970 New York, with the help of my new talented friend Todd Jordan, who is creating pigments out of his garden and kitchen so I can experiment with their magic. In his own words, hear my teacher, William Clay describe his experience as a student of world-renowned artist Peter Hurd.

I recommend all my artist friends research the term FOOD NY 1970. The story is well documented and was the inspirational place to hang where the food was the art and most anyone could afford a hot meal, and have amazing creative interaction with the best, most talented artists at the time.


What do you get to do today and HOW can you do it in PEACE?

Mama Jana would love to hear!

On the invisible battlefield