Look at My Lil’ Plant

Interesting story:

I received My Lil’ Plant the year I started college. I’m Grateful that it was young and healthy and didn’t need self-centered me at all.

After college, My Lil’ Plant followed me back to Lubbock. I was still young and dumb, I hardly knew anything – I think I watered it once a year, if I remember correctly. And I never loved on it, I never thought about it at all, and I certainly did not understood its importance.

But by the Grace of God, it survived my immaturity, and so did I.

Back then My Lil’ Plant loved the Las Vegas climate and it flourished, and there I paid it a tiny bit more attention, but just barely.

Then, Bless its heart, it struggled to survive in Ruidoso NM … it’s too cold.

So by the time I got to Bastrop, Texas It was damn near dead. AND not once did I EVER consider the age of the old gal.

But finally for the first time, with my plant barely hanging on, I prayed for it. I desperately wanted it to survive.

Because now I understand after 42 year, just how important this plant has been.

It’s been with me through my complete darkness, through all my mistakes and losses and loneliness, and then now, it’s here by my side, even in my wildly successful marriage.

See God honors His Word wherever it is found … every time. It’s His Integrity stake, it’s His Love.

SO If you got nothin’ between your ears about Him because you’re not interested, you need to know at a minimum that His Word is Truth, it’s foundational, and based on His Word there is FREEDOM.

31 So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly My disciples; 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

You also need to know that this is a God-given choice, and whatever you choose, He will honor your decision and butt out of your life completely.

FYI: I’m NOT TALKING ABOUT RELIGION. God did NOT invent religion. PERIOD. Religion is man’s attempt to gain God’s favor by man’s efforts. As fallen mankind (Rom 3:23 ..for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God), we have nothing of sufficient value that can earn or gain His favor.

I’m talking about a personal relationship between you and God through Jesus Christ. (John 14:6 Jesus *said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father except through Me.)

I’m talking about living inside God’s Grace pipeline. It’s like living inside the eye of a hurricane, all is calm in there even though a storm is swirling all around you. BTW the storm is allowed by God as a part of the invisible war, the Angelic Conflict that’s ongoing, that we’re here to play a part in resolving.

So back to My ‘Lil Plant, how do you fall in love with something?

You learn their mind and you start understanding how important they are in your life. Your gratitude overflows for what’s been provided.

I ramble so …

SAY HELLO to my lil’ friend. Back from the dead.

1980 – 42 years ago, a neglected friend that I prayed with all my heart for the first time that I would survive, because just now I finally GET it.

See it turns out, I was born with a horrific skin disease.

This plant has been with me every step of the way as I was cured of a disease that doctors say there is no cure. And it was through prayer that I found the right doctors who treat disease with REAL food, and a little plant that God provided.

So you see, GOD sent me a helpmate, that He knew I would would not appreciate but would desperately need.

LOOK AT it go! Looks better than the day I got it 42 years ago. It LOVES Bastrop’s weather.

I pray DAILY that I will love it, as well, soon.

Strange days.

This piece is close to being done. Her hands, the torch, the snake tongues all need work. I can’t stand the way the torch doesn’t overlap the book. Lol. Like I said, it needs some work still. And it needs about two weeks of me just looking at it to see what else it needs.

FYI: Her tears are printed in my blood and the fingerprints on her tablet are blood. So I guess this is mixed media. Putty, acrylic and blood.

Nathanael Chavers has first right of refusal. It was because of him that I realized its importance. It’s probably my most important work to date.

Titled: No longer viable, a cautionary tale ® 2022 Jana’s painted Artist
Second photo shows my view from my Best Western bed; strange days we are living in.

Lady Liberty

Miles away from completion.

I started this painting 7 years ago; I had a vision I fear is coming true.

Sitting in front of this painting is daunting. It’s a sad look at the possible decline of my home country.

My skill level back then didn’t allow completion, but I believe I can finish it now. We shall see.

It’s titled “No longer viable” a cautionary tale. We can turn this around if only we would look up. God is in this deal if you want the help.

I accidentally cut myself opening the packaging on my new blade. Believe me, I was not looking forward to cutting myself on purpose. Thank you God. Your timing is always perfect, for today was the day. Lady Liberty needed to be crying tears of blood.

That hurt. So does my heart looking at this painting, but I believe it needs to be said.

This is where I leave it tonight. My own blood all over it. Just as my heart is heavy, this canvas is heavy with plaster.

Shipping it will be spendy. Lol. Just say’n…

Doing this painting hurt my soul. It’s dark, and I’m a light.

Heavy with plaster.

Update: Lady Grace, my dog, tried to clean up the blood spill on the painting.

She’s my little wound care specialist. She tried to extend help to Lady Liberty. We need to take a lesson from her. Lol. But please don’t lick my painting.

Lady and Sissi Grace enjoying the sunshine by the Colorado River

It’s not too late to turn our country around. I pray daily for the USA, that her leaders will make wise, selfless, decisions in her regard, and that God has exposed evil for the world to clearly see.

I’m afraid this is where the world is headed. Totalitarianism. Is this what we want? Total annihilation of individuality and freedom? They are sugar-coating this deal to make our youth think it’s a better plan. It isn’t. And if all you elites think you will benefit from this, you won’t. Only a very few, very evil trillionaire, dictator-type rulers will benefit, and I bet you ain’t one of them. It all looks so pretty and correct to lure you in. Change your mind, all of you amazing, creative individuals. We need you now more than ever. Learn tolerance, grace, forgiveness, and integrity, as all are essential elements of love.

Go and be free! Live life large!

® Painted Artist 2022.

Hello From Ruidoso

Our first radio show aired Friday July 9 2021.

It’s Hello from Ruidoso … a show about ordinary people who do extraordinary things

Watch us film the process of making at radio show LIVE on facebook every Tuesday at 11 am – FB: Jana.Lynch

Catch it on the radio every friday at 8 am –1490AM-The Mountain

Of listen to it on PodCast

Our first show featured Andrea Fernandez (sustainability food) and Ellie Figueroa (all things health). Plus our regulars …myself, Cheryl Smith Cagle co-host and featuring Miriam Shanks, author.

We talked about this gorgeous piece of art by Cheryl – it’s available for your personal art collection.

Sandos Caracol Eco Resort trip planning

Bucket list item is happening end o September.

I thought I was going to have to wait the Millennium to get to see this … but it’s happen to us as a humans … if god leaves us here till then.

My personal friend at his hotel room building #37
Ferry to Cozumel 10 minutes from hotel.

Anyone is welcome to go, as long as you know kevin and I are not your entertainment committee.

We do not schedule anything or make any arrangements with or for you.

We wait around for no one.

We eat diner after dark the hit the jacuzzi every night. Your welcome to join us there.

Plus, We will have a Mexico calling plan so you can text and say “where you at right now” and you’ll be welcome to join us.

But this is going to be crazy cool and epic.

$1500 a head (for two per room) 10 night all inclusive including activities, booze, food, room, flight and monkeys. Sept 27

https://www.sandos.com – note to them that Jana lynch sent you.

We will be in the Sandos Caracol Eco Resort Select Club Adults Only Superior room. See map. We wanted to be in jungle near cetones. On adult only pool and jacuzzi. It’s a 5 minute walk to beach.

Photos taking by a friend (JoAnn)who owns a home there and here in ruidodo. They did a staycastion at the hotel we will be staying at. They stayed in build 37. See map.

Southwest Airlines flying into Cancun.

Private Shuttle serving will take you from airport to hotel and this is a trusted friend of my friend JoAnn – tell um Jana lunch sent you.
My Quest Concierge


Come or don’t come … ether way we are going on vacation.

Photo by my friend JoAnn
I choose my room in adult only section in the jungle. Near Cenote. And a 5 minute walk to beach.