Food palette painting completed.

My painting is complete. It’s egg tempera with pigments made from our community garden, and I framed it in a Bastop area tree branch.

This piece is to be hung on the wall.

It’s my first completed egg tempera painting. But what’s most interesting is that my friend Todd and I created the pigment from nature using a method inspired by Caroline McCoy’s restaurant FOOD NY 1970s and burnt cigar.

I have titled it ”On the invisible battlefield.”

it’s priced at $425, shipping included. This could be an important piece, but only buy it if you like it, and hope the best is ahead for me in my fine arts career. Lol.

I think it is.

Framed in a branch and hangs on the wall with one nail

My palette made with pigment we ground.

FOOD Palette

Go slay the day, people.

Nutrition, Hydration, Movement and most importantly, Soul Peace…

You get these things, right ?!? And that’s when the magic of the human experience begins.

You are on an invisible battlefield, whether you know it or not. I look around and fear the majority of us have layered down and forgotten how powerful these elements are.

Get up. Even though you’re been knocked down, get up. Then pull someone else up once you have your power back and then GO SLAY THE DAY!

Today I get to show my egg tempera to my teacher, William Clay. It’s what we will call from this day forward my “FOOD Palette.” The term was inspired by Carol Goodden (Caroline McCoy) owner of FOOD 1970 New York, with the help of my new talented friend Todd Jordan, who is creating pigments out of his garden and kitchen so I can experiment with their magic. In his own words, hear my teacher, William Clay describe his experience as a student of world-renowned artist Peter Hurd.

I recommend all my artist friends research the term FOOD NY 1970. The story is well documented and was the inspirational place to hang where the food was the art and most anyone could afford a hot meal, and have amazing creative interaction with the best, most talented artists at the time.


What do you get to do today and HOW can you do it in PEACE?

Mama Jana would love to hear!

On the invisible battlefield

Great weekend coming up May 6, 2022

I just received and approved the product I ordered for the upcoming juried bird show. I have some product going to both the shows I’m involved in next weekend.

Some product will be with me on May 6th when I paint LIVE on First Friday at Neighbor’s Kitchen and Yard. I’m taking some products to advertise the bird show that happens First Saturday May 7th at Lost Pines Art Center.

Join me at ether or both events.

I received heavy denim cosmetic and pencil bags, silk scarfs, tea towels and hand signed paper prints, all with my bird images on them.

Trying to stage photos in tiny living is freaking hard. Lol. So please come see me in person at these events. It’s going to be a great weekend next week. Come join me!

Hand signed paper prints with plastic sleeve and backing $20
Waiting for this moment to be free – Tea towel with cabinet pull strap. $28
Always Root For The Little Gal – Tea towel with cabinet pull strap. $28
Always Root for the Little Gal -silk Scarf 16×16 inches.
$30 exclusively at Lost Pine Art Center
Always Root for the Little Gal – Heavy zipper – heavy denim Pencil bag $25

Waiting for the moment to be Free – Heavy zipper, heavy denim evening or cosmetic bag $25

Tubing the Colorado River in Bastrop

So we learn a lot about our Colorado river.

We left one car at the Colorado River Refuge and one at Fisherman’s Park, and then we dropped our little tube rig in the river.

We learned that drifting in plastic tubes will take at least eight hours to go six miles, which is going from Fisherman’s Park to the Colorado River Refuge in the Tahitian Village where our other car was waiting.

Thank God for our AirBnB host Andy for letting us pull out of the river early at the Zen River House. We were done after five hours of drifting exceptionally since we only brought enough beer for two hours of drifting. Lol

But even getting out early was fun. Andy took our our dumb asses and all our tubing rig to our car in his groovy Polaris. (That will cost my husband like $20k because now I want one lol)

What a fun adventure! Thank you Andy for helping us.

When we try it again we will just put in here at the Harmony House and float to the Refuge. That’s more up our alley as that will only take two to three hours to go two miles.

So there you have it guys. That is how slow the river flows around these parts.

I’m shocked we don’t see more tiny sail boats to capture the power of the winds that we have around here on some days.

AirBnB check out the Harmony House. It’s a rare find and it’s so much fun!

But she’s mine for 14 more days.

Buggy Bastrop

What’s not to love?!

Every day it seems I get a bug bite that will itch for days, especially when I play on the river. An itchy bug bite on skin that’s been in the sun is especially interesting.

You be buggy Bastrop, but that’s a blessing for all our bug eating wildlife. You’ve got the most beautiful wildlife here!

But get this. A blue dragon fly, I guess that’s what it was, landed on my hand and ate a bug right there on my hand. I saw that bug go from living to dead in a considerable amount of time…it was a slow death. I had the privilege of seeing the entire event. (Sorry no photo as I was floating on the river)

Thank you my little blue friend for sharing that expeience with me. I didn’t know what you ate till now. I hope collectively you guys eat a ton of bugs.

A variable damselfly (Coenagrion pulchellum) feasting on a chironomid. Credit: Tuomas Kankaanpää

Tiny living.

Tiny living = Tiny footprints. Not that I believe I can help God manage this globe, but it’s going to be fun to learn to live a simpler lifestyle.

Trust me, if God calls you to be on the road, you soon learn that lugging all your shit in tow is not fun.

I feel another huge garage sale coming on, so get ready Bastrop because I got good stuff!

We simply wanted to see if we would like to build or buy a tiny home one day.

I would have a large art space attached to it, but nothing else would be large – other than the great outdoors. I want a bit of land. When living tiny you want some outdoor spaces too.

We think we want something screened-in with a hot tub and above ground pool inside it one day.

Anyway – So far the answer is 100% yes – we love tiny living. But it’s only day 2.

We will see after I move over the computers, a tiny amount of my art supplies, and Kevin’s work clothes.

But um yeah. I’m digging it!

I would think you really need to do it with peeps who are all extremely accommodating. I can see that is so, and thankfully, Kevin and I have that.

So yeah. Tiny living.

Stay connected here – Let’s learn about this together.