What’s to become of Jana and Kevin

What’s next for Kevin and Jana … we’re starting to see the plan, even though we can only see the 6 foot circle that surrounds us. The plan is starting to look simple, but the ability to have a relaxed mental attitude during great adversity took us a lifetime to find the understanding that God, and only God, can see the entire battlefield.

We’re all called to lean into the dark of the unknown. That’s a hard place to be, until you take that leap of faith. As many of you know this too well.

During this trial of testing, (test truly provided for our spiritual growth), we were able to be calm and just relax into what seems like a never ending test; a test to prove our ability to stand fast in the wisdom that resides in our souls. The wisdom we earned through the hard, sometimes boring, but rewarding, is the daily work of studying the mind of Christ.

God’s wisdom is FREE to anyone who longs to understand what this world is all about.

There is no “what if’s” in It. It is absolute.

I’m so grateful we chose to grow up spiritually together. We live our life to “learn to live.” We did not take the more traveled road which is “fuck up a bunch of times, so you live to learn.” A road I was on, when I was a youngster.

God has the only true problem solving devises.

Kevin and I are nothing special … infact, we are deeply flawed.

BUT, I thank God … that ANYWAY, including my dumb ass, can jump on this ride. And let me assure you, adversity is inevitable, but the ability to handle it without stress is optional. Only in God’s wisdom can you find lasting solutions. Anyone who wants to learn wisdom, can. If you know people, who do not have the ability to learn, trust me, God has them. These are special and amazing people, with the ability to just be happy, and to love, as if it’s nothing – So don’t worry.

Too choose this less traveled road is hard at times, but deeply rewarding … It’s a spectacularly happy way to live.

Get your eyes off people and things to make you happy; they won’t and they can’t anyway. It only comes and goes … it’s fleeting. So learning God’s mind is the only way to true happiness.

We remain inside the light of that ring of fire that surrounds us. Nothing EVER may enter, unless it’s is God allowed with the purpose of spiritual growth. Evil flees from the truth. It’s that learned wisdom formed in your soul, where God can attach his happiness … thus blessings.

And trust me, I know, to anyone who has not taken that leap of faith, you must think I am bat shit crazy.

It’s something not any of us can understand, until you take that tiny leap of faith. And God then makes it real. This way of doing things is apart of the plan. It’s fair … but hard to see or understand it at first. I understand why it was done this way, if your interested in learning.

But with a little faith it all starts becoming real and the more you study the more real it becomes. Those thoughts of “what is this shit storm about!?” Before you know it, gets cleared up.

We are starting to see the plan that is our future, and we are so excited to see our next promotion.

Even though we are prepared for our greatest promotion, the day of our departure from human constraints. For now, it seems, God has other plans.

I have no doubt about what I’m to do.

That is to promote HOPE in other communities … I am to help build community driven art installations where we honor our loved ones.

So rather Kevin gets that one last huge grocery job (we will know more at the end of November about that), or if we are to become “Freedom Workers” – that is to be seasonal workers, helping small businesses survive the devistation of a government that sold us the biggest lie yet, a lie about security. The lie that states that “we got you!” We are excited about our future and we believe our last day here in Ruidoso, will be on or near 12/12/21.

Hey, if we are to become seasonal freedom workers (we should know by December about that) we would love Ruidoso to be our summer work/home! IF (and that’s a big IF) you guys fix the working class housing situation around here.

It’s really short thinking on the part of our governing body, and her citizens, not to correct this problem and correct it FAST!

Love, peace and most importantly FREEDOM to all!
tm 2021 Jana’s Painted Artist – painting of a giant art instulation of people jumping out of their graves, and a drawing of a giant mural that I want to paint, titled Grace Pipeline. Oh! That’s me in the happiest place on earth “the ArtCave” – I wonder where that place will be next? Oh wait, it matters not, that place resides in me.

(While writing this our home went back into contract; we accepted their offer. Thank you God and the amazing team of experts that you brought us.

Oh … garage sell coming soon. More to come.

A giant of a man … Kevin Stepp

I am so grateful I get the opportunity to work with my husband Kevin.

I knew he was exceptional, but until you get to work with him?! Well … he takes my breath away. He treats every business as if he owns it. There is no job there, that is beneath him. He just goes to work.

He’s a spiritual giant, so he has no problem serving people with great humility and respect.

What was Albertson’s thinking? … sad deal, fear rules the day … but No matter … we’ve passed the test. And we are beyond Grateful.

What an honor and a privilege it is to serve with him. It’s like God has just opened up tons more opportunities for us, so that we can continue TOGETHER to build HOPE … because simply put, it’s time.

I’m so grateful to my village for wanting the PeaceGarden in a public space. Thank you.

I can’t wait to see where we light next.

I want to thank Chon Caswell, Shal Holly and all the gang for welcoming us to the Casa Blanca Restaurant family. We love you all. We love your customers who now feel like our friends. It feels like family. We are SO grateful that you stopped our financial bleed out. Thank you!

Excited for our future. Hummm it may be we are to be in multiple towns … just hitting thier season and helping small businesses survive. Interesting and an extremely fun thought?!?

You need a job? … let me restate that … The job needs you … even if you have only one day to give. It’s yours … It’s time guys … it’s war now, we got to push back and help save small businesses … Go help I beg you. The money is great. I don’t know about you but I wanna eat out, go to bars, hear live music and shop local … it will be a thang of the past if you don’t go help.

I’m excited to serve you over at Casa. Join me at your table … Tuesday and Wednesday lunch. Thursday and friday dinner. Then the Paintedartist Artcave & Garden will be open Saturday and Sunday 1 to 4 pm … Until we get our marching orders.

Love and peace to all.

My husband and our two little girls. IGs named Sissi and Lady Grace.
The PeaceGarden, where we honor our loved ones schedule to move to a public space – Wingfield Park Garden Ruidoso NM.
Butterflies will be moved also. Where I hope the tradition will continue. We paint butterflies honoring our loved ones.
Matching merchandise like this cosmetic bag, is scheduled to be in local Ruidoso NM Businesses on Suddeth.
Hand-enhance giclees
Prints and greeting cards – more to come.

Message me if you are interested in being a retailer for HelloFromRuidoso.com merchandise.